Read what our Franchisee Lindsay McLoughlin has to say about being a Regional Director of The Athena Network and why she is selling one of her current territories.

Time flies! It’s nearly five years since I JUMPED at the opportunity to lead/run the MAIDENHEAD & MARLOW ATHENA NETWORK FRANCHISE.

I have loved every single minute of it.

With the renewal around the corner, I’ve done some thinking!

Whilst I absolutely love running two fabulous Athena Network regions, there are now positive family reasons for making the decision to SEEK A PURCHASER for the MAIDENHEAD & MARLOW Athena Network franchise.

I love the fact Athena is now ONLINE with all the benefits & opportunities the virtual format brings with it.

I also believe there will be INCREASED ACCEPTANCE of virtual networking as time moves forward.

I am making the decision to sell the Maidenhead/Marlow region with mixed emotions & bags of positivity. I am looking to spend more time with my husband & family, whilst still continuing to run my SW Oxfordshire Athena Network franchise.


The new Regional Director/franchisee will have a brand new 5-year franchise period to build the region up to superb new levels.

I know first-hand just how motivating and inspirational it is to lead Athena groups. I will also be right there alongside her as a colleague, to train & settle her into the network as soon as possible.

COULD THIS BE FOR YOU? Franchisees come from a variety of different backgrounds with/without networking experience. Some women combine Athena with other businesses; others make it their sole occupation.

I am super-excited about sharing this FABULOUS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY with someone who will continue to look after our fantastic Athena Network members in the MAIDENHEAD & MARLOW region with as much passion, professionalism, interest and engagement as I hope I have done.

If you would like an initial outline of what’s involved in the Maidenhead & Marlow FRANCHISE SALE, please email for details