How are your Human Drives doing?

Nichola Schwarz, Hypnotherapist

Given the current Crisis, I’m writing this article with the aim of supporting you & yours – I hope it helps.

So, how are you feeling? …

Many of the things that make us feel good to have been stripped away by the impact of the Coronavirus.

Here’s a little graph that shows our Human Drives:

Without a good score in each of these 6 Human Drives (right-hand side of the heart), we will experience powerful negative emotions

  1. Is your Certainty suffering due to loss of income?
  2. Are your Love and Connection reduced due to social distancing?
  3. Has your Significance faded as you lose the self-esteem boost of your work?
  4. Has your Growth ground to a halt as studies or new activities stalled?
  5. Has your Contribution come to an abrupt halt as your volunteering or support activities are no longer possible?

As soon as you improve the scores in struggling areas you will feel happier.

  1. Now, score each Human Drive out of 10.
  2. Identify any that fall below 7 to make an action plan.

Action Plan Tips to Improve your score:

Contribution/Significance/Variety: where can you volunteer? how can you help others?

Growth/Variety: Learn a new skill, mix up your exercise, push out of your comfort zone into your learning zone

Certainty: Go to and check out what support is available, know your financial position – income & expenditure and trim outgoings if necessary where possible

Love & Connection:

– Use this time to reconnect with old friends, especially in different time zones, use Zoom, Facetime, Houseparty
– Work on your communication with those in your household
– Build a sense of community with your neighbours but joining the Thursday night NHS thank you clap

And of course, if you need any more in-depth help, I’m here!

About the Author:

Nichola Schwarz is a Crisis Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and EFT trainer.

With over 17 years of experience, she has helped 1000’s clients overcome issues including; Anxiety, Addiction, Bereavement, Lack of Confidence,  Children’s Issues, Depression, Eating Disorders, Fear of Flying, Habits, IBS, Insomnia, Phobias, Relationship Issues, Sexual Dysfunction, Tics, Weight Loss and more…

Her style is empathetic, encouraging, and results-focused.  She has specialist training in Trauma, Sexual Abuse, and Addictions.

She offers a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your issue and works online, or face-to-face in Acton, Chiswick & Windsor. – 07946 526 838

This post was contributed by Nichola Schwarz, Hypnotherapist and member of the Chiswick group.