Why bring a new online network group to Suffolk?

I’ve struggled to find the right women in business network group in Suffolk. I’ve visited many, and none of them felt like the right fit for me and my brand photography business. When I was introduced to The Athena Network, I visited a few different groups and the community in them was fantastic. I’ve met many Athena members who love being part of The Athena Network. Many of them have been part of it since it started – 17 years ago! Needless to say that when I realised I could bring Athena to Suffolk, I jumped at the chance! I know how powerful referrals can be for business, having experienced lots of my photography clients via other client referrals. 

Why go join an online network business group?

When I was searching for a networking group, one of the main things I was looking for was an online meeting. Being a Mum to 3 girls means I have to work smart to fit everything into my short working day. I don’t have time to travel to and from meetings, as this basically takes up the whole day. Being efficient is key to getting it all done. So online networking is the perfect way to grow my business and still be efficient with my time.

Women in Business Networking Events Suffolk
Women in Business Network Suffolk Zoom Room

What’s so special about The Athena Network?

The Athena Network is a networking organisation bringing together women in all kinds of professions. We meet online, once a month and here are just a few of our aims for our members:

1. To provide opportunities to make strategic connections with professionals in a wide range of industry sectors

The members that attend their Athena meetings primarily generate business between each other, as and where we can in a totally unpressurised environment. Business simply flows during the meetings, helped by a structure that enables members to get to know each other, therefore creating strong lasting relationships

2. To develop members’ business and networking skills 

At Athena, we are passionate about helping women to grow stronger, more profitable businesses.  At every Athena meeting, we deliver two business development sessions.  The topics covered are to enhance your business and networking skills.  A by-product of this is that we develop personally also.

3. To encourage women in business to inspire and support others for greater success

Maybe this aim is the one that resonates with all our members and it’s certainly the one that attracted me to Athena from the very beginning. Our meetings are an incredibly powerful forum for providing wonderful support and inspiration for each other.

Why become a Member?

I could probably write another entire blog on why you should become a member of this incredible network for women in business Suffolk! I’ll save that one for another day, however. So, instead of hearing from me, here are just a few testimonials from our members about why they love the network and what it’s helped them achieve in their business:

I have been a member of the Athena Network for 14 years. As a member of the Travel Counsellors franchise, it was up to me to build my business from the ground up. From the beginning Athena has been supportive, nurturing, educational and developmental. My business has grown year on year (until the Covid-19 pandemic) and this is due to the contacts and friends I have made. Because of this, I joined a second group to broaden my reach and the number of people I could help.

PJ Van Setten

“Athena has enabled me to connect with so many other wonderful women that I would otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet. Through these women I have learnt, been inspired and supported, met other people and gained work. If you haven’t tried Athena before then you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Helen Maguire

“One of my best business decisions has been joining my local Athena group. It seemed a little daunting at first, but I quickly settled in as all the ladies are incredibly supportive. I look forward to our monthly meetings, seeing everyones’ friendly faces and listening to the presentations of the month. It feels more than just networking; its meeting up with some friends, having a giggle, supporting each other….all very important when you run your own little business and are often at home, working by yourself. Wholeheartedly recommend Athena!”

Georgie Bahoshy

Do you want to experience The Athena Network for yourself?

The best way to find out if this is the right networking group for you is to visit us and meet other women in business to network with in suffolk! You can find out more about the Suffolk meetings by visiting our event page. You can also contact me directly via email at georgina.little@theathenanetwork.com.