Has anyone here been called ‘four eyes’ before? Although it surely still happens in a school playground scenario, luckily, our modern society does not have a negative stigma attached to glasses wearers anymore. That is so last century!

Now, we can use our eyewear not only to see the world as it should be seen but as a statement, to convey a message. Confident, powerful, kind, approachable, fun, dependable, honest…or stern, strict, scary, boring, aggressive, pompous, unreliable…

What glasses say about you

What message are you giving when wearing your glasses? Are you networking and meeting people for the first time? Can they trust you? Will they like you enough to use your services, or order your product? After all, first impressions are everything, right?

69% of people in the UK wear glasses. Research shows that glasses affect how faces are perceived and identified. It also influences the attribution of personality traits by generating stereotypes. It is up to us, to ascertain how we want to be perceived by others.

An individual’s emotional state can partly be inferred from the eye region, as the muscles of the eye region are involved in various emotional displays. So the eye region is probably the most prominent part of the face. Eye contact carries utmost importance when it comes to building trust with those we encounter in business our face is the first thing people see and forms an instant impression.

Do you just see your glasses as a practicality? Or a fashion accessory? Well, it is both! So, make the most of it, after all, we wouldn’t attend a meeting in our slippers or unprofessional attire. Why are the glasses so often overlooked when they frame the ‘windows to our soul?’ Think about it. What message are you giving with your eyewear?

Sifa Modina

Optician and owner at HR Breakspear Optometry in Muswell Hill