Hey there… I’m back….. and this time it’s Virtual! Learn here about the virtual events at Athena Network

Let me introduce myself. My name is Charlotte Harverson from Good Carma Ltd and I am a car consultant. I work with families and especially ladies to help them source their perfect car. I deal with the car trade on their behalf. A few years ago, I made the move down to Bude in Cornwall from Reading in Berkshire.

On leaving Reading I had to leave my beloved ladies’ networking group which I adored.

Athena was its name. The Group I attended was based in Wargrave and I met some of the most inspirational ladies ever! I was so sad to leave this group, (after I made the decision to go West).

Although Lockdown has brought many challenges and adversities, it has also brought great innovation and creativity. To illustrate this, I was delighted to hear through the ‘Athena Grape Vine’ that Athena had gone ‘Virtual’. It was an absolute delight, as leaving Athena due to my relocation had left a big gap in both my business and personal life.

So, I spoke with Karen Fowler, Lindsay McLoughlin and Jacqueline Rogers who gave me the good news that at last, I could come back into the flock!

After that, I attended my first meeting via Zoom last month and it was so motivating and engaging to be back.  Lots of welcoming friendly ladies who all share the entrepreneurial spirit.

What are my reasons for Networking?

Running a company can be a lonely experience at times, and there are many days that you just can’t see the wood for the trees. Having a group of like-minded business owners can really help you get back on track and the odd mastermind and brainstorming session with your networking buddies can help solve problems and create motivation.

When you run a company, you need to be a jack of all trades, especially in the early days.

Suddenly you need to wear many hats.

In my case, I suddenly realised that I was the head of the strategy, purchasing, business development and sales, marketing including websites, social media and analytics, training, not to mention accounting and bookkeeping, and IT support. Not forgetting, customer services and account management plus keeping your database up to speed, and finally company governance.

All of this is going on whilst you are focusing on your high-impact financial goals to make a profit.

Finding the right support network is critical, and when you find the right people, delegating as many tasks as you can enable you to focus on the core of your business and your strengths.

Virtual Events at Athena Network

With the right group and extended network, you can source much of what you need for services to your help you, your family, and business, plus you have your own extended sales team to help you win more business.

The one big key I have learned from networking is the more you give, and the more you refer your associates the more you get back.  Plus, don’t rush relationships. Trust needs to be built and your new networking friends need to get to know you and understand how you can help them and their contacts (visa-versa).

I had a follow-up call with Jaqueline and I was bowled over as to how many wonderful opportunities Athena can offer, especially using the PASS +.  So, now I cannot wait to visit all the other groups that Athena has.

I am looking forward to keeping you updated on my Athena journey and meeting as many new friends along the way!

All the very best

Charlotte Harverson

Good Carma Ltd

Tel 07730 777219