Video can play an important part in your overall business marketing strategy. They add an extra dimension to your marketing and are more engaging than the usual text-based material. Many of our target audience are accustomed to watching a screen, so video allows you to make your content easier for them to digest too.

However, it isn’t just your audience that will benefit from videos. Entrepreneurs that are creating and using video will benefit from increased website traffic, more interaction and an easy way to boost their expert status.

So, having said that, how can you easily implement video in your business?

#1 Landing and sales pages

Video is so engaging, it gives you the chance to start building a relationship with your audience, as soon as they arrive on your website. So why not start as you mean to go on – and talk them through your sales offers and products?

#2 About page

Your ‘About’ page is one of the most frequently visited pages – but it is often the page we neglect the most! We tend to fill it out once and then forget about it. You could easily create an informal video to liven up your ‘About’ page, that allows your personality to shine through. Another great option is to give an overview of your team, office, how you work, who you work with – you’re only limited by your creativity and imagination!

#3 Blog posts

Blogs are a great way to engage your audience – but not all of them like to read pages of text. Instead, why not create a video version? You could really bring your blog content to life and ensure those who are more visual-based, also have a way to easily retain the information you’re sharing too.

#3 Reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials can help you grow your business so fast! They carry so much weight with potential clients and allow you to build on the social proof they provide. If you add in the visual element of video into your reviews and testimonials, your potential clients can immediately benefit from the visual impact of the enthusiasm and honesty of your reviewers and previous clients.

#4 Social Media

Video is becoming so accessible to any online business owner – and it’s no different on your social media accounts. With the likes of Facebook Livestream and YouTube, you can easily create engaging social media videos to share with your audience. Whether you opt for short educational videos, narrated blog posts or informal Q&A type chats, you can get really creative with videos on social media – and with Facebook Livestream, you can see how interactive your audience can become!

Following these five easy tips will allow you to really get to grips with using video in your business. They give you the chance to gradually build your confidence and techniques, ensuring you maximise the marketing potential available to you, whilst your viewer’s confidence and trust in you grows into increased interaction and sales.

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