I am thrilled to share that Lindsay McLoughlin has embarked on a new season with us, stepping into a pivotal role at the Athena Connection Head Office as our UK Franchise Sales Director. Awarding this position to Lindsay speaks volumes about her effectiveness, dedication, growth, and the embodiment of our core values.

Lindsay’s odyssey with The Athena Network began 15 years ago, a journey that intertwined deeply with both her professional and personal realms. Starting as an Athena member, she quickly recognised her affinity and potential within our network. Her entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly when she seized the opportunity to own the Maidenhead & Marlow region.

The digital transformation in March 2020 saw Lindsay pioneering the SW Oxfordshire region, affectionately dubbed “SWOX,” charting new territory by launching in the virtual networking space.

Following a significant personal milestone (her husband Donal’s retirement) Lindsay gracefully transitioned and sold the M&M Territory to Claire Powell. Most recently Lindsay prepared and sold SWOX to a new steward, Sophie Watson. This strategic move was part of a broader vision to align her professional pursuits with a balanced and fulfilling personal life alongside Donal.

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome Lindsay to our head office team, where she will spearhead our efforts in attracting new Regional Directors and expanding our footprint into uncharted territories and counties.

Lindsay’s journey from a member to a Regional Director, and now to the UK Franchise Sales Director is a testament to her unwavering commitment, entrepreneurial flair, and the profound impact she has had on our network. Her transition is a beacon of the possibilities within The Athena Network, highlighting a path of continuous growth and contribution.

As Lindsay steps into her new role, we don’t just welcome her aboard (indeed, we didn’t give her the chance to leave!); we celebrate her continued presence and influence within our community. Her journey is a mirror to what we all cherish about Athena: growth, support, and a shared vision for success.

Please join me in congratulating Lindsay on her new role and in looking forward to the innovations and growth she will undoubtedly bring to our collective future.

If you know of a woman who would like to launch her own Athena business please connect them with Lindsay.