The Athena Charter

The Athena Charter

Membership Payments

Once you’ve decided to join The Athena Network, we want to give you the opportunity to ensure you have made the right decision. There is a 28 day ‘cooling off’ period which means that if you change your mind within that time, we will refund your membership fee.

Membership Fees (Meeting & Annual)

Membership fees are subject to alteration without prior notice. A condition of membership is that the monthly meeting fees are payable by standing order monthly for the duration of your membership and there is no refund for non-attendance.

Member Attendance At Meetings

To get the most out of your Athena membership, you are expected to attend ALL of your group meetings. Before submitting your membership application we ask that you are confident that you can honour this commitment. By attending regularly, we can learn more about you and how we can help you to develop your business.

When you know you aren’t able to attend, we expect you to arrange for someone to represent you, a Hot Seat. This is not to be another member in the same group as you.

By inviting someone outside of the group to represent you i.e. a colleague means that your business will still be presented at the meeting, and it also means that the rest of the members have the opportunity to network with another person! Please just let us know who will be there on your behalf.

If you are unable to attend and can’t find someone to represent you, please notify your Regional Director.

Your meeting fees are payable by standing order monthly, no exceptions, and there is no refund for non-attendance.

For members who miss two meetings in a year, we reserve the right to open up your category to another lady who is able to make the commitment to attend all of the Athena meetings.

Members Wanting To Visit Other Athena Groups

One of the benefits of membership to The Athena Network is being able to make contact with the wider network outside of your own group.

We actively encourage members to visit other groups but we want to make sure you attend a group where there wouldn’t be a direct conflict with another member so you don’t waste your visit.

If you would like to attend another group’s meeting, please contact your Regional Director who will be able to advise you.

Attendance at another group meeting assumes that it is not on the same day as your own group meeting.

Athena Terms and Conditions

For the current details regarding the Terms and Conditions of membership with Athena please refer to our website;