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  • My Story: From Member to Regional Director
    I started my health and wellness business, Arbonne 7 years ago and like many in the initial stages of starting[… ]
    29 Dec 2020
  • What do your glasses say about you? By Optician Sifa Modina
    Has anyone here been called ‘four eyes’ before? Although it surely still happens in a school playground scenario, luckily, our[… ]
    27 May 2020
  • Networking online: an interview with Sophie Fleming by Mo Lawson
    For many people life has been far from ‘business as usual’ since the coronavirus locked the world away, but it[… ]
    01 May 2020
  • Increase Your Client Base Through Networking
    Would you like 60% of your clients to come through networking? Check out Sarah Szekir-Papasavva‘s story, an award winning Virtual Assistant[… ]
    05 May 2019
  • Three Ways you can Make Connections and Grow your Business through Networking
    There are so many benefits to networking but here are my top three for you to get the most out[… ]
    30 Jan 2018
  • What is it like to Attend a Meeting and be Part of Athena?
    What is Athena North London? Find out what happens at a meeting, what the members say and why you should[… ]
    03 Jan 2018
  • Athena North London Featured on Barnet TV
    Back in March 2017 Athena North London was featured on Barnet TV’s Business Scene programme when they visited the Athena[… ]
    03 Jan 2018
  • Avoid These Networking Faux Pas
    Avoid These Networking Faux Pas
    How To Avoid The Following Networking Faux Pas Networking, it can be a bit like marmite for some individuals, you either[… ]
    01 Sep 2017
  • Business Boundaries
    Business Boundaries
    Feeling overwhelmed? Taken on too much? Having trouble saying no? Are your business boundaries being infiltrated? If any of those[… ]
    23 Aug 2017