Growing in Confidence through the Athena Network Membership

16 Mar 2019

An Unexpected yet Important Benefit of Networking – Confidence

Many women join Athena for a number of reasons: Perhaps they want to get new clients, expand their reach in the local area, grow their business knowledge or just connect with like minded women. One of the ways Athena differs from other networking groups is our commitment to growing the members’ business skills which of course translates into personal growth for them.

On Thursday (14th March) we celebrated the success of one member  Roxana-Kristine Whyte, of Ineffable Beauty, who joined The Athena Network John’s Wood group  in October. When she joined she  admitted to being shy and nervous but after 5 months of being a member and growing her confidence through the networking meetings, delivered an exceptional business development talk in front of 20 women.

How it all Began

Its been such a pleasure to see Roxana grow through the encouragement of Athena. However, when we first met, Roxana’s nerves and shyness created a barrier to her networking effectively so the first step was to break  out of her comfort zone and I asked her to become the membership secretary to develop her confidence. This would involve greeting first time visitors at the door and making them feel welcome giving her an easy way to strike up conversation kinwing  that they were probably more nervous than she was! This turned out to be a role she loved and she soon became more confident in the group.

She also attended the Networking Strategy Masterclass, a free training provided to all the members to help develop and deliver an impactful monthly minute (what we call an elevator pitch) as well as learn networking skills, which helped her to recognise  what her and her business had to offer the group  whilst showcasing her area of expertise.  Although still nervous for her business development talk (pictured) , nerve wracking for even a confident person, her talk was delivered with confidence, clarity and charisma and we’re so proud. Well done Roxana!

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