Everything has been turned on its head recently, and we’ve all had to scrabble around and reconsider our business strategies amongst all the commercial carnage of the last few months. But here’s an opportunity to re-evaluate whilst you are in a different headspace, to take advantage of the current situation, and to redefine your purpose for a post Covid-19 world. And it starts with proper post Covid-19 messaging.

What Is Your Purpose?

We know our businesses back-to-front and understand the reasons why we chose our current profession or business initially. It is our reason for being and what drives us onward. This is an opportune time to look at your mission statement and clarify if it is still right for our time.

As a copywriter, I help my clients to write their mission statements and their strap lines, and I push them to really consider the ‘why’ not just the ‘how’ or ‘what’. Questioning why they work as they do opens the discussion and provides a far more inspiring mission statement. Concentrating simply on your benefits and services narrows the field and makes any statement restrictive rather than aspirational. A mission statement should inspire readers to want to join you, help you, buy from you and get involved.

More Space To Grow and Evolve

When a mission statement is all-encompassing, it gives you the space to move, grow and adapt while remaining focused and motivated. This ability is vital to us as we work through and emerge from Covid-19 and all of its ramifications.

Consider This when  redefining your post covid-19 messaging

You are a photographer. Do you specialise in wedding photography? Or do you capture the absolute essence of someone in beautiful, natural photographs?

Both of these could be true, but the latter enable that business to adapt to any and every situation where a photographer adds value and joy to an experience.

This broader statement allows these photographers to pivot and reinvent themselves, no matter what the world throws at them next.

We don’t know what other changes we’ll have to be making further down the line, so why not take a look at WHY you run your business and feel free to get in touch to discuss what your post covid-19 messaging is to your customers and clients so that they will hear it loud and clear and respond accordingly.

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Lucinda Smith