In ancient mythology the Phoenix is said to be a long-lived bird, who, at the end of its life builds a nest, sets fire to it, and is consumed by the flames: from this pile of ashes, a new young and powerful Phoenix arises.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a raging fire all around us.  Friends and family are sadly dying, we are in lockdown, fake news is rife and our entire modus operandi has been challenged.  Some of our businesses will die, some will change form, and other, exciting ventures will be born.

At the onset of the lockdown, we all lived out the Stress response: we Froze in shock. Then we took flight, thinking all was lost. Running away to the Amazon forest and living off berries suddenly became an enticing prospect.  Some continue to remain in this mode – that’s ok. 

Taking time to fully live out this phase is important if we want clarity going forward.  Some, however, have moved to the final step, ready to return and Face this challenge with courage and hope.  I prefer to Face rather than Fight because I refuse to view this situation as an altercation, more a lesson in navigation. I prefer to be in Eustress (positive stress) rather than Distress (negative stress)

So how did I navigate this fire, and become a Phoenix From The Ashes?

I share below the 3 approaches that have helped me:

  1. Staying Mindfully in the moment: fear causes panic and we end up reifying & fabricating about what the future holds or what we should have done in the past. It helps to take a deep breath and stay in the present moment.  Truth is we simply do NOT have an inkling what the next 5 mins will bring and the past is unchangeable so where is the benefit in festering in this quagmire? Letting go is freeing
  2. Enjoying Nature: a barefoot walk on the grass, sitting facing the sun, lying looking up at the splendour of the sky…letting go, and just allowing Nature to heal. Nature facilitates reconnection with our inner selves and who best guides us than our own Beings…? 
  3. Building Relationships: I’ve found zoom calls to be valuable in building relationships. Communication is of better quality: instead of looking around the room, people are actively listening, and they are less distracted. I have asked for help and boldly invited other business owners to collaborate. No one has declined. This is an opportunity to share more, and support more.

To conclude, my experience thus far has revealed there are extraordinary possibilities available to us during this pandemonium when we steer with curiosity and courage.  We need to be kind to ourselves and others, live through the emotions that arise instead of ignoring them and use our networks to build relationships, embrace our creativity and seek innovative ways to collaborate…magic will happen …

About The Author

Diksha Chakravarti
Director of FiXme
Wellbeing Consultant & Workshop Trainer | Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Practitioner | Keynote Speaker