Networking as a massage therapist – Debbie Slater, Keheren Therapy Massage Richmond


I had heard of networking events before but never really believed they were for me.  I knew what I knew about my massage therapy business and it was going well. Plus – what on earth would I have in common with all those ‘business types’?

Then, the Cornish girl moved to London. For eight years I had run my business ‘keheren therapy’ as a Massage Therapist in Richmond, treating people’s muscular aches and pains.  I did the odd bit of advertising but in the small community I had lived in I could rely on word of mouth referrals.

I remember my first day at Athena like it was my first day at school. I even went out and bought a suit to make a good impression! I soon realized that the suit was a slight overreaction. All the women there were just like me – striving to succeed in business.

Despite the nerves, my first one-minute got some welcomed giggles and everyone there greeted me with open arms.

What the Athena network has given me:

  • Alliances
  • Opportunity
  • Business inspiration
  • Newfound confidence
  • The local knowledge Cornwall had (I still believe word of mouth is best).
  • Friends
  • Referrals

I would highly recommend the Athena Network to any women running their own business.