Networking is a great way to grow your business and meet new contacts. Whether you’re new to an area or are new to the business, finding networking events in your area doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 7 ways you can quickly find lists of local networking events in your area. 

#1: Local newspaper or magazine 

Your local area is bound to have its own newspaper, parish pamphlet or free magazine. Many will list events for the month ahead or have a ‘what’s on’ paid section. Another good section to find local events is the local business news section. They may not have a dedicated list of events, but they’re sure to mention them in the articles. 

#2: Online websites 

Conduct a quick Google search and you’re bound to come up with a list of networking websites. Some of the bigger networking organisations are broken down into separate regional groups – so always get in touch, if you need help finding one near you. If there isn’t an obvious way to find groups in your area, you can also send their support team a quick message or email to inquire. 

#3: Join a local business organisation  

Find a local business organisation in your area, such as Business Link, Chamber of Commerce etc, to join. Not only will they host their own events, they’ll also be able to point you in the right direction for specific local networking groups too. 

#4: Social media  

Social media platforms give you a chance to search, not only for contacts and pages relating to networking groups, but also offline networking events too. You can easily search Twitter via hashtags, whilst Facebook enables you to search for pages and events, and it can also give you recommendations for events in your area too. 

#5: Join a local club 

Networking doesn’t have to always be via a dedicated business networking group – you can do it informally too! Joining any local club is a way for you to meet new people and forge potential business connections. 

#6: Look at local noticeboards 

The local library or council office usually has a noticeboard, displaying local events on them. Many local shops also have their own too, so it’s worth taking a stroll around your high street, to see who’s displaying postcards and adverts. 

#7: Ask for recommendations for networking events in your area 

Word of mouth is a powerful way of getting recommendations. If you’ve joined offline professional and/or informal groups, you can ask other attendees for their recommendations. Social media is also a great place to ask for recommendations, as you have access to a wide circle of contacts.  

Finding networking events in your local area doesn’t have to be difficult. If you use the seven ways listed above, you’ll quickly have a list of potential events that you can shortlist, to find the ones most suitable for you. 

Image Copyright: luckyraccoon / 123RF Stock Photo