Meet Natalia DaCosta

Regional Director

Natalia DaCosta was always a determined career woman who enjoyed the “work hard, play hard” ethos that came with life in the recruitment industry. Her dedication and commitment was rewarded with a successful career that she loved, and a fabulous lifestyle. The building of relationships with her local business community, meeting clients and candidates and matching them together became almost second nature. She loved achieving targets and has always loved being challenged! Following the birth of her twins, and maternity leave, she immediately knew that it would be impossible to return to that world. Especially if she wanted any type of work/life balance. And she would not be able to do the role justice without a 100% commitment.

As a graduate of communication studies, a certified Master NLP Practitioner and qualified Coach, Natalia decided to set up a consultancy business aimed at helping parents who, like her, had taken a career break. Combining her skills and experience Natalia has been able to provide clients with the space to explore new perspectives, to find their next step or goal, whilst retaining the balance with their home life. Natalia was amazed and grateful to have found another path that indulged her passion and interest in people.

However, after a few years, due to family circumstances, beyond her control, Natalia took the decision to continue with this business on a part time basis and return to the world of recruitment. But to maintain the work/life balance, she worked from home on a free-lance basis.

Unfortunately, this recruitment role left Natalia feeling somewhat deflated and disappointed in her performance. With all communication being telephone based and absolutely no face to face contact with either client or candidate, she quickly realised that the relationships and trust weren’t there and therefore, this was a much trickier market to conquer. In part, it is this experience which led to her becoming a Regional Director with The Athena Network and believing so passionately in the art of building relationships through face to face networking and the success that this brings.

When a decision was made to relocate from London to Dorset, Natalia found herself wondering how to build up her network and started looking at networking groups. To her surprise she found that The Athena Network was not yet in Dorset, so she decided to change that. What better way to build a community, understand the local business culture and build a network?

Natalia feels privileged to be part of a business club that supports, educates and delivers such an array of opportunities, and is determined to spread the power that The Athena Network can bring! Constantly inspired by the people she meets, and motivated to help people overcome challenges, achieve their goals and develop personally and professionally.

In her spare time Natalia can often be found spending quiet quality time with her children and partner. Long walks on the beach, cycle rides in the country are how many weekends are spent, alongside a bit of camping under the stars! She is not opposed to trying out new skills and is looking forward to experiencing a few water based activities such as kayaking and water ski-ing! Yikes!! 😊