Franchise Opportunity


EMPLOYEES come to us FRUSTRATED and, typically, burnt out with their corporate career. They are looking for a position where they are recognised.

COACH / CONSULTANTS call on us because they recognise that being a Regional Director of The Athena Network® would be the perfect way to raise their profile in business.

ENTREPRENEURS are looking for an additional revenue stream that enhances their portfolio. A model that is proven, profitable and good to go!

The Athena Network® is an amazingly simple, affordable franchise opportunity that enables you to run your own networking organisation for the women in your local community.

We have a TURNKEY business based on a PROVEN model. ‘Turnkey’ simply means that we use a simple system, repeated throughout all our meetings, providing a valuable service to women in business. No matter which Athena meetings our members attend the process and format will be the same. We are committed to excellence, and that includes making it simple AND effective.


✓You are MOTIVATED to do whatever it takes (in integrity) to create what you desire
✓You are Pro-active in taking ACTION
✓You are COMMITTED to your own fulfilment
✓You are OPEN-MINDED about change
✓You can keep AGREEMENTS to yourself and others
✓You trust the process of LIFE
✓You can take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your own successes and challenges
✓You are willing to be a LEADER of an awesome community
✓You are READY to make an investment in yourself and your future
✓You THRIVE in community

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