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International Sales Director of The Athena Network®

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Marilena Narbona
International Director – The Athena Network
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Meet Marilena Narbona – The Athena Network International Director

Marilena Narbona is a people connector and networking strategist.

Her instinct to reach out and help people to make the right connections along with her interpersonal skills are at the heart of everything she does, which she has carried out both with her own UK groups of business networking both in London and recently in Bristol and also internationally.

She is a spontaneous and emotional communicator, multilingual and cosmopolitan, naturally at ease in multicultural environments.

Marilena’s experience spans from corporate ”before children” life – when she worked in London for a global Company -, to creating a ground breaking method and schools of English as-a-second-and-third-language-for-toddlers, to sitting on the Board of Governors of International schools, always liaising with consulates and embassies, private companies and corporations.

This varied and strongly corporate-influenced international background provided a sound springboard for more recent entrepreneurial ventures, the creation of a high-end personal connections introduction agency and mentoring her sons in their first entrepreneurial venture, Bo Bom Gelato which – having gained very early on recognition by both international press and clientele – is now established in the South West of the UK. More information about Bo Bom Gelato can be found via this link.

What is however Marilena’s passion is supporting and connecting women in business, something Marilena worked tirelessly at when she joined The Athena Network in 2008 and created the largest and fastest growing Athena area with 12 strong groups and a huge number of committed, inspirational, vibrant ladies who shared her passion and vision and who created with her a phenomenal team flying the flag of The Athena Network in the capital of England.


She is now The Athena Network International Director and is mentoring The Athena Network International Managers, helping them to launch networking groups anywhere in the world.

As ever, she is holding the vision of reaching out and helping women business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, to make connections that will drive their business and personal growth.

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Email Marilena on marilena.narbona@theathenanetwork.com or call her/WhatApp her on +44 7880 616937 /+34 608 826 724 to explore with her how she can help you and your business.

Alternatively, do feel free to fill this form (https://forms.gle/VjDBcpYbx3QCny6T6) to express your interest in joining Marilena in her Athena journey:

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3 – as an internationally based Athena fan….we are nothing but creative as we focus on helping YOU!

“When I first joined Athena I wanted to grow my business. What I found here is more than that: friendship, support, fun, personal development. I cannot speak highly enough of Marilena’s excellent work in creating opportunities to help as many women as she can reach”


I was extremely lucky that Marilena found me in June 2008 and invited me to join her first Athena group – I didn’t know the organization at all, what a leap of faith!. Under her tireless and inspired leadership our group has become a source of business, friendship and ideas. It is so refreshing to be able to meet with a group of like minded ladies who completely understand the requirements and pressures of running your own business.

At every meeting I find new ideas, prospects and seem somehow to be introduced to just the right people who can help me to develop my business.


“If you haven’t already joined Athena I urge you to do so! After my first meeting I was ‘high’ for days. I felt energized and hugely supported by a group of ladies whom I’d only just met. I now feel I ‘can do’. I am re-starting my business in the UK after having been abroad for the past 12 years. To start again seemed so incredibly daunting – until I went to my first Athena meeting. I immediately made a wonderful client and have found a wonderful marketing mentor. The added bonus is I now have a social life too! Athena rocks!”

Marilena, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you first of all for making me and indeed all your new members feel so very welcome as we join the Athena family. Thank you for your on-going support and for the referrals you have given me. You certainly practice what you preach. And lastly, thank you, for a wonderful insightful training day. I have come away feeling so much more confident with regard to preparing my up till now dreaded one minutes!


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The Athena Network® attracts members who are discerning, accomplished business women and corporate career women with shared values of contribution and integrity. Our members contribute to a diverse business community that fosters success, collaboration and inspiration among our prominent, influential and aspiring businesswomen.

The core programme within The Athena Network® focuses on providing excellent training and resources to create a robust networking and business development strategy for business growth and career advancement.

Our vision for The Athena Network® is to continue to create a vibrant and dynamic community of female entrepreneurs and executives ready and committed to accelerating their business growth through mutual collaboration.

Our membership is a thriving hub of small businesses and female entrepreneurs; The Athena Network® is here to provide a platform for connecting and an opportunity for women to learn, grow and connect.



PASS+ gives you FREE access to an Athena meeting, there are no additional fees to be paid and this is another benefit of membership. You are encouraged to visit as many other meetings as you have time for (please ensure that you have sufficient time to follow up from your meetings).

We have launched in Singapore and more International group launches are planned.  What that means is you will  also have access to those meetings.  You could say that we have meetings 24/7.   If the time zones work for you then your options are UNLIMITED.

ALL of this is included in your annual membership.  Our usual meeting guidelines apply, which means there will be no professional clashes at the meetings, and the Regional Director/International Manager will manage the dynamics of the mix of industries to ensure that everyone attending has an outstanding experience.



    Earn £50K+ Part-Time As A Regional Director / International Manager of The Athena Network AND Operate Your Own Business!


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