Meet Maggie Sarfo

Regional Director


Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, speaker, advisor and mentor on business growth, purpose development and peak performance.

She’s been called a network butterfly and loves building meaningful relationships; enabling others to do the same.

Maggie spent over 15 years of her corporate and entrepreneurial life developing business networks, creating collaborative business environments and growing membership bodies. Some of the companies she’s had the opportunity to work with include WPP, TNS, Park Royal Partnership and Gartner.

Her personal motto is: “If I genuinely can’t add value to you and your business, I would not ask you to become a member.”

Her sister once said to her:
“You know with all the various roles and business ventures you’ve been involved in, that business membership thing is by far what makes you glow.”

So when the opportunity came to lead Athena London City, she couldn’t think twice about it!

Combining her business and people development skills with holistic modalities, her clients say they explode sales revenue and/or attain their highest potential.

She also enables others to identify/develop their true purpose in alignment with life, business, career paths etc.

“This yields greater and long-term business profits and happiness quicker“, she says.

Her vision for Athena City is to position it as the City network of choice. A vibrant and dynamic community of ambitious business executives and entrepreneurs; committed to accelerating their business/personal growth through mutual collaboration and results.

Her blog ( is her playground where she writes about business growth, personal development and peak performance!

Outside her Athena world, Maggie Sarfo is the CEO of Meres Consult Ltd (Global strategic sales/marketing advisors. Also experts in peak performance and purpose development).

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