Cleaning Diamond Jewellery

29 Jul 2020

With an obvious emphasis on high levels of cleanliness and hygiene during the covid-19 pandemic, it seemed timely to post some basic tips on cleaning jewellery at home.

Diamonds have many amazing qualities, but one of their least appealing characteristics is their affinity for grease. As a preventative measure, try to avoid touching them with your fingers, as the oils from your skin suppress the sparkle and fiery dispersion of the stones. Also avoid using hand cream when wearing rings- the lotion will instantly dampen the dazzle of diamonds.

Professional jewellers clean diamond jewellery with an ultrasonic machine containing a solution with diluted ammonia. Sonar waves dislodge hard to get to grime and grease restoring the striking brilliance and lustre. (Please note that this machine is not suitable for all gemstones. NEVER subject emeralds or tanzanites to an ultrasonic machine as they risk shattering).

In the absence of professional equipment, you can achieve a startling result cleaning your diamond jewellery at home with two basic items- an old toothbrush and some dishwashing detergent! This makes complete sense as the detergent is excellent at removing diamond jewellery

Diamonds are not wettable, so dampen the toothbrush, and briskly brush the entire setting, including the sides and underneath. Diamonds are chemically resistant, so will not be damaged by the detergent. You will notice a significant improvement instantly!

It only takes minutes, and if you do it regularly, your jewellery will love you for it. If you have a kitchen tidy beside your sink, leave an old toothbrush handy to encourage you to do this consistently. Just make sure you secure the plug before cleaning.

It really is this straight forward. You can view a short clip which demonstrates this process, and it can be used on all diamond jewellery.

Be aware that this method is not suitable for organic gem materials like pearls or amber.

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