Why Women Are Excellent Networkers

17 Aug 2017

Successful businesses of today are built on a sound foundation of connection and connections lie at the heart of networking. People like to purchase from those they admire and trust. Connections don’t just grow overnight. The seeds must be planted. The plant must be watered. Networking is a social business that revolves around reaching out and talking and women love to do these things with their people friendly nature. They exhibit natural qualities that make networking easy for them. What is their secret recipe? Women utilize soft approaches to make contacts. While many people consider the soft touch slow, no one can deny the phenomenal success that follows. Networking is not just some skill they acquire. It is in their nature, it is why women are excellent networkers.

Sharing things…

Women love to share things. If they’ve been to some place they talk about it. If they have met someone charming they mention it. The ability to share opinions and experiences greatly sets the pace for the conversation and once the inertia is set, there is no turning back. Women often demonstrate their uncanny ability to connect from time to time and it reflects in the issues they discuss.

Family life…

During discussions with women, topics of family quickly and naturally come up. Women are naturally interested in family relationships and therefore their questions are genuine. By discussing family, women quickly establish bonds making a relationship less formal and more personal. They also find out potential candidates for a product they may be trying to advance. It’s often easier for women to ask what a person is trying to achieve and what dreams do they have. This way they get to know them better.

Letting them decide…

Women naturally keep away from hard techniques for selling something or advancing some concept. Force has never been the feminine method. Women like to present the idea in a shape that fits the contact’s perspective. They do this by focusing on their contact’s point of view. This persuasive approach elicits co-operation.

Presenting themselves…

Women don’t cut to the chase when it comes to conversations. Discussions begin and proceed naturally on a variety of issues until the lady is asked what she does. And when she starts talking about her line of work, she naturally presents business and ideas which are either hers or are being advanced by her. This “conversational presentation” is less corporate and more natural.

There is no doubt that women can be excellent networkers according to Jacqueline Rogers, Founder of The Athena Network, who frequently hosts conferences for female entrepreneurs. During one of those conferences requested the audience of women to spend 3 minutes in networking with each other. The energy in the room was palpable, resonating with conversations.

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