We start our networking blog series this year with some food for thought and inspirational tips. These tips will take your networking and business strategies further for great results.

I believe we have already set our goals and strategies for this year in motion. If we haven’t, we are still in January and a lot of amazing opportunities await to be taken!

Challenge yourself by moving out of your comfort zone this year. Do the seemingly impossible and bring out the best in you. As Kristine K. Stevens puts it “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough”. Go for your epic goals in 2019 – focus on who you’re becoming as you go for the goal rather the results! Join me as we explore three tips to achieving your goals this year.

Write them down

‘The faintest pencil is better than the sharpest memory’ – Chinese proverb. Your epic goals need to be initially visualized and then immortalised in ink. This helps you to track your progress. As you work on achieving them, you need to ask yourself why you think it’s impossible to achieve. We all have it in us to achieve everything we set out to achieve in our lives. The only one stopping you is you! What business plan have you decided to embark on? What steps have you taken to achieve them? Find your purpose, face your fears and conquer your insecurities! They are just a moment away.

Have a role model in mind

A lot of business women have been in challenging situations that became their turning points. Research about them, appreciate their struggles and find out how they made it to the top. What qualities did they possess and how were they used in achieving the seemingly impossible? Once you find out the answers, know you are a step away from achieving your own epic goals; even in business networking.

Pursue them

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu. That’s all it takes! Take that one step, that one action and turn your business and personal life around. Believe in yourself. Set aside all negativity from the past and ardently pursue your epic goals.

In your pursuit, do bear in mind you have a unique destiny to fulfill. Stop comparing yourself to others. There is a lot to be thankful for. Embrace the new you and be the lady boss you are!

About the author

Maggie Sarfo is Regional Director for The Athena Network City of London. She is committed to enabling women executives and entrepreneurs to achieve their business and personal growth aspirations. She is well know for saying to members: “If I can’t genuinely add value to you and your business, I would not ask you to become a member”!
Together with the Committee and Members of the groups, The Athena Network (City of London)’s aims to help members grow stronger, more profitable businesses, and create more opportunities for career success.
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