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  • testimonial
    How to write a testimonial that actually works – Sara Bussandri
    How to write a testimonial that actually works You’ve worked with a fellow Athena member, and she’s asked you to[… ]
    21 Jun 2019
  • How to make a feasibility study for building construction – Valeska Pack
    Valeska Pack, SpaceShapers – Chiswick Member The first things a client will always need to know before venturing on any[… ]
    19 Mar 2019
  • Five Reasons You Should Blog in 2019
    Five Reasons You Should Blog in 2019 Sara Bussandri, Digital Content Writer Is blogging still relevant? It’s 2019, and online[… ]
    24 Feb 2019
  • Standing out online, whilst being conventional – Jo Hamlyn
    Hi, I’m Jo Hamlyn. I’m a freelance Web Designer and member of Athena Hammersmith. You can find out more about[… ]
    03 Oct 2018
  • Professional Event Photography – Andreea Tufescu
    Very recently event photography got an extra layer of special meaning as I provided my services to an institution that’s very close[… ]
    10 Sep 2018
  • About Us
    Networking as a Massage Therapist – Debbie Slater
    Networking as a massage therapist – Debbie Slater, Keheren Therapy Massage Richmond   I had heard of networking events before[… ]
    21 May 2018
  • Talking Pelvic Floors, Incontinence and Prolapse Prevention – Christien Bird
    Christien Bird is the founder of the White Hart Clinic in Barnes London and a member of our Barnes Business[… ]
    14 Mar 2018
  • A 7-point checklist to improve your ranking on Google – Silvia Del Corso
    Silvia Del Corso is an SEO specialist based in Isleworth and attends our Shepherd’s Bush group I’ll try to provide[… ]
    08 Feb 2018
  • You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones – Joanne Sumner
    Joanne Sumner is a Yoga & Wellness Studio Owner based in Ealing, and attends the Ealing group Welcome to a[… ]
    08 Feb 2018