5 Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Online Course RIGHT NOW

There is a saying, “for those who can’t, teach”. This has different meanings, but let’s look at it from this angle- for those that currently can’t operate their business in the usual way, why not teach it? If you offer a service or product that can be easily converted into an online course, NOW is the perfect time to do this.

This vast pause in life has given us all extra time to reflect, no matter what our current situation may be with our business. Whether you are business as usual or having to pause your services, there are fresh opportunities out there. Below, we will explore why you should launch your online course RIGHT NOW.

1. Life being ‘paused’ gives us all extra time

For those that have found extra time on their hands, now is the perfect time to expand their skill sets and catch up with the odd ends of their business. From your point of view, if you have always considered offering an online course, now is the best time to create one. Usually, life is all hustle and bustle so working on a project, such as an online course, is the perfect time-filler.

However, if you are finding that you have LESS time than ever- now is still a great time to launch a course. You can be expanding your income and business without too much effort. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is tight on time, then don’t let that get in your way of creating a fantastic course that could take your business to the next level. Using a virtual assistant can help you to focus on your skill and share that with the world, whilst a VA can handle the administrative elements.

2. People are investing in themselves and their business

Right now, your audience may be looking for different business ideas and ways in which they can improve and upgrade their skill sets in order to advance their own business. I have seen many people in my network expanding their skill sets currently and embarking on online training sessions or courses. It’s the perfect chance to expand and level up as such.

People aren’t just booking business-based courses either, they are also looking at ways of learning fun new hobbies and skills. So even if the course you would run isn’t business based, it doesn’t mean you should rule it out. People want to invest in themselves as much as their businesses. The current situation is giving people a chance to work on themselves and take time out to do or learn something fun and new.

In particular, if you are a coach, therapist, or work in the well-being sector, now is a great time to deliver a course to enable your audience to work on their well-being.

Equally, if you have a creative career, such as photography, baking, or floristry, you could be launching mini online courses which help your audience get involved in your business as a hobby. When it comes to these types, of course, the trick is to give away enough for your audience’s enjoyment- but not too much to put you out of business.

3. Finding new entertainment ventures

To stop life from becoming mundane, dull, and feeling like a ‘Groundhog’ day, many people are looking for entertainment outlets and ventures. A course, whether for business reasons or pleasure, is a great way of engaging in something less every day, and more entertaining and interesting.

So, unless your aim was to produce a dull and uninteresting course, you would be offering your audience a way of getting away from the everyday lockdown life and finding entertainment.

This would be especially true if you are offering a course on baking, or another fun hobby. People want to learn and engage with things like this- especially now. It is a great form of escapism.

4. Topping up income

If the current situation has had an impact on your income right now, then this is a great way to top it up. It may have only had a slight impact, but nevertheless, it would be a great way to narrow the gap.

Depending on the type of course you create, will depend on the cash flow. If you were to host a live one, such as a webinar or Zoom course, then you would be allocating a certain amount of space on your course and getting a payout from that in one go. However, if you were to create a pre-recorded course and host it on a relevant platform, you would be getting passive income as and when someone signs up and pays for your course.

5. The course doesn’t have to run its… course

Creating a course can be hard work, and you may be reluctant if you think that it only has its place in the market currently. The truth is, courses are great all year round, every year. Yes, people have extra time now, but also people are always looking to invest in themselves.

I also think that this time has shown us a new way of operating within our business and personal lives. We have seen a great opportunity in operating and using online features and software.

Feeling overwhelmed?

No need to worry. You can get help with launching your online course. A virtual assistant is the best person to get on board during course creation. Whether you have an idea and don’t know where to start, or whether you have started and need further assistance, I can help.

With a background in event management, I know how to get a project from A to B and all the logistics in between. This could be:

  • Helping with the idea,
  • Implementing a project plan with timelines & deadlines,
  • Creating a marketing plan including social media,
  • Helping with bookings and delegating communications
  • Choosing the right platform
  • Any rehearsals for live online courses
  • Design of materials/handbooks etc

I offer a one-hour FREE consultation for anyone who wants to brainstorm.

I will reassure you if you are unsure about your course’s direction or you may just want to talk over timelines.

The current situation is giving us all a chance to reflect. Whether that reflection is about changing and adapting your business and how you are operating and delivering services or reflecting on how to expand and level up your skill set. People may want to just do something for themselves that they enjoy, and you can be the one to provide that. Online courses really have a place in the market right now. If you would like to discuss things further, then please do get in touch.

About the Author:

Rachel Clayton

Virtual Assistant