By Helen Garrett – Creative Decorations

Latex Balloons are not Plastic

Did you know that latex balloons are NOT Plastic? I recently conducted a poll on my social media, 50% of my followers didn’t!!

Latex balloons are not plastic

Latex balloons are made of latex rubber, which is a completely natural product that comes from the sap of a tree called a Hevea Brasiliensis.

It is collected without harming the tree by using an environmentally safe, age-old process like that used for collecting the sap from maple trees for syrup.

Latex Balloons will completely decompose over time. Studies have shown that the decomposition time for a latex balloon is six months. The same time as an Oak leaf!

How do you dispose of balloons?

Please dispose of Latex Balloons in your household waste where they will fully decompose in landfill. Please don’t let go of your balloons for them to litter the environment.

Balloon releases…Good or Bad?

When latex balloons are released, most of them go up into the sky, where there is little pressure. The helium inside expands and then shatters the balloon into hundreds of spaghetti like fragments and this pieces float back to earth. and simply become ‘litter’. Although they will eventually decompose, until that time they will just litter our beaches and countryside.

Creative Decorations does NOT support balloon releases and will NEVER provide balloons for this purpose. I urge all our customers to not let go of their balloons or hold balloon releases.

What I am doing as business owner?

Latex Balloons are not plastic

I am a member of the PEBA UK (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance), who are a worldwide organisation committed to striking a balance between the balloon industry and environmental responsibility.

To make my business even more environmentally friendly, I have now changed all my plastic balloon sticks to paper balloon holders and throughout the next few months I will be seeing what else I can change.

Latex Balloons are not plastic

Helen Garrett

Creative Decorations