How to Join The Athena Network®

The Leading International Networking, Training & Development Business Club For Female Executives And Entrepreneurs

Discover what it’s like to be part of a diverse and dynamic network of 2000 women to help you grow your business.

Attend monthly networking lunch meetings, coffee mornings and social events to share knowledge and expertise.

We’ve helped thousands of women professionals and business owners to meet valuable contacts. And we are dedicated to helping women like you –


The Athena Network® is for every woman keen to learn, share ideas and collaborate with others for mutual success – whether entrepreneur, professional, experienced executive or someone who has a great business idea.

 At Athena, we are committed to attracting the right women to attend our events; executives and entrepreneurs who are:

  • Focused with a professional mindset.
  • Positive and success oriented.
  • Dedicated to building long-term business partnerships.
  • No woman is too senior or too junior to benefit from this networking opportunity.

We only allow one person from a profession to join each network lunch group, this helps avoid any conflicts of interest.  When you decide to join us you will have professional exclusivity within your group which ensures that you are the one that members think about when it comes to referring business. 

Membership is open to professional business women who own their own businesses.  It is also open to women employed by companies in roles where they are responsible for generating business and gaining new clients. 

We welcome a wide variety of professions, view our member’s details for a full appreciation of professions who choose to join us and expand their network.

You can visit a group near you to find out how we can help you grown your business.  Once you’ve visited a group you can then decide for yourself if our organisation is right for you and your business.   We do find that the majority of ladies who visit make a decision to join us immediately.

Membership is by application only.  If the group you are applying to join already has the profession represented, then we will source another group for you.

You can apply for membership at the end of the meeting; speak to the Membership Secretary for the group who will be happy to help you.

Telephone the local Regional Director to discuss your application and payment options.


Joining The Athena Network® is excellent value for money.  For a small investment, you have the opportunity of growing your business by contacts through business networking, meetings held between 12 – 2 pm, connecting with other members on our closed Facebook members page and regional networking events.


The cost of joining The Athena Network® is £565 per annum.  The annual membership is split into two parts;   Part 1 – £325 (which is required as a sign of commitment that we are giving you a professional seat in exclusivity) and Part 2 – a monthly payment to help members to manage cash flow. Many companies choose to pay the total membership in advance. When you choose to join us you can advise whether you prefer to pay all of the annual membership fee in advance or in two parts 


Payment for joining The Athena Network® your networking meetings, workshops and regional events is to be paid by BACS or with a credit card, securely, through PayPal.



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