Collaboration = Chaos To Calm

19 Jan 2018

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Having met at their local Athena meeting, Adele, Corinne and Sonia soon discovered that they had a mutual passion for helping women to thrive rather than simply survive. With their different but complementary skill sets of reflexology and essential oils, life coaching and personal training, and nutrition, a collaboration seemed a natural step to take and so Chaos to Calm was born.

Chaos to Calm is an event created by women for women focused on restoring them to a place of calm rather than chaos in their lives.

The event will be an afternoon devoted to reawakening women to their innate power through teaching them how to use essential oils to support their health and well-being, how to re-evaluate the way they are living and start making changes to reduce their levels of stress and overwhelm, and how to nourish themselves in a way that supports their well-being.

We will open the workshop with a grounding meditation, using therapeutic grade essential oils to disconnect from the busyness of our lives and be present in the space.

Using her extensive knowledge of and passion for essential oils, Adele will then demonstrate how they can assist in supporting us to manage the white noise we experience in relation to our never-ending to-do list. Her workshop will cover how essential oils can support your emotional well being, help to create relaxation, improve sleep quality and help to support your body’s systems, with a focus on hormones.

In Corinne’s session, she will give people the permission and space they need to start questioning the way they are living and how it is serving them. During the workshop, she will introduce attendees to ways in which they can reduce stress and overwhelm in their lives, provide them with practical tools that they can implement right away and wake them up to their own innate power so that they can take back control.

As a recovering addict, who has only recently found her personal way from ‘chaos to calm’ Sonia knows the absolute importance of good nutrition to both nourish our bodies and regain the balance we all need for us to live the lives we deserve. Using simple routines and strategies, Sonia will gently guide attendees to a stress free way of eating that won’t add an extra burden to either your already busy lives or your overstretched pockets, as well as addressing some of the reasons why we continue to make the food choices we do, even when they are the very choices that keep us in an unhappy space.

Chaos To Calm
£45 per person
1.30pm – 5.30pm, Saturday 17th February, 2018
Fitzwilliams Centre, Beaconsfield