Meet Marilena Narbona

Regional Director

Marilena Narbona is a people connector and networking strategist. She is a spontaneous and emotional communicator, multilingual and cosmopolitan, naturally at ease in multicultural environments.

Her instinct to reach out and help people to make the right connections along with her interpersonal skills are at the heart of everything she does.

Her experience spans from corporate ”before children” life – when she worked in London for a global Company -, to creating a ground breaking method and schools of English as-a-second-and-third-language-for-toddlers, to sitting on the Board of Governors of International schools, always liaising with consulates and embassies, private companies and corporations.

Her varied and strongly corporate-influenced international background provided a sound springboard for more recent entrepreneurial ventures, the creation of a high-end personal connections introduction agency and mentoring her sons in their first entrepreneurial venture, BO BOM Gelato which – having gained very early on recognition by both international press and clientele – is now poised to start franchising.

What is however Marilena’s passion is supporting and connecting women in business, something Marilena worked tirelessly at when she joined The Athena Network in 2008 and created the largest and fastest growing Athena area with 12 strong groups and a huge number of committed, inspirational, vibrant ladies who shared her passion and vision and who created with her a phenomenal team flying the flag of The Athena Network in the capital of England.

Even when she moved on from the Athena London area, she maintained a strong relationship with Jacqueline Rogers – CEO & Founder of the Athena Network – as well as meaningful relationships with her Athena members, friendships kept being cemented, business expertise tapped into and referrals exchanged, collaborations kept ongoing, proving that the trust and bonds The Athena Network helps to forge are long lasting.

As we are now witnessing our lives suddenly and shockingly turned upside down by a global pandemic, Marilena is diving into the Athena venture once more. She is taking on the role of The Athena Network International Director and of Bristol Regional Director in the most challenging times we have ever experienced.

As ever, she is holding the vision of reaching out and helping women business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, to make connections – now more relevant than ever before – that will help them to hold on to their business dreams and make a difference to their lives and the lives of their families.

Email Marilena on or call her on +44 7880 616937 /+34 608 826 724 to explore with her how she can help you and your business.


Alternatively, do feel free to email to express your interest in joining Marilena in her Athena journey:

1 – as an Athena member of the Bristol area for her VIRTUAL MEETINGS

2 – as an Athena franchisee/leader of 1 or more Athena groups anywhere in the world

3 – as an internationally based Athena fan….we are nothing but creative as we focus on helping YOU!