Prepare To Connect And To Be Inspired At An INSPIRE™ Event With The Leading International Networking, Training and Development Business Club For Female Executives and Entrepreneurs


Committed to leading the way for female entrepreneurs and executives we created our first Athena INSPIRE™ event in 2010 hosted in Mayfair, the heart of London, with over 200 ladies joining us.

Since the inaugural event, we’ve continued to host national and local INSPIRE™ events for our members and visitors so that they can continue to feel the buzz and excitement of the collaboration and training

Athena created INSPIRE™ to enable entrepreneurial business women to connect and celebrate in addition to providing an exciting LIVE experience … INSPIRE™ delivers an exciting combination of insight, information, and business formulas that can be found nowhere else. In fact, we guarantee it!

Shifts are taking place in the business world and female entrepreneurs are poised to create even more opportunities for themselves and others. 


The Most Exciting Opportunities in History for Women Are Right Now! Here’s How …

As we enter the most exhilarating time in feminine history, women are poised for more opportunities, more rewards, and more happiness and fulfilment than ever before. And women business owners are leading the way.

Like our Athena meetings INSPIRE™ gives you more business opportunities, more education, and more networking opportunities. Plus you’ll will always enjoy inspiration and motivation from successful women who have overcome the odds to create extraordinary lives that they love whilst being successful in business.

Your INSPIRE™ host, and founder of The Athena Network, is Jacqueline Rogers who is committed to the development of women in business, embraces the concept of “Feminine Leadership” and is regarded as the Networking Strategist for women’s entrepreneurial success.

INSPIRE™ has been created to enable entrepreneurial business women to connect and celebrate in addition to providing an exciting LIVE experience.

INSPIRE™ will always give you:

  • Hundreds of valuable new networking contacts for possible, collaboration, joint ventures, strategic alliances and resources
  • A new perspective of your business and life that you want to create, and includes strategies to reach them
    Techniques to help you attract more clients and customers — online and offline
  • New skills to help you get more of the right things done… in less time and with less energy
  • Methods for adding passive income to your current business (or create one from scratch)
  • Increased confidence, inspiration, and Jour de Vivre to fuel your success!
  • Improved body confidence in the most feminine way!

The events provide excellent opportunities for you and deliver the next steps you need to generate the income, impact, and life you desire, whilst having fun and making a contribution.

Just suppose you make connections that enabled you to take you and your business into new and exciting directions, and you knew how to maintain that for the future.

Imagine creating joint ventures, building strategic alliances and developing a team of trusted advisors and sales people.

Imagine the potential of connecting with extraordinary women like you who are serious about growing their business and making a contribution then your registration at this event will pay for itself more times over than you might even be anticipating now.

Ask anyone who’s been to an Athena event and you’ll hear them share that not only did they receive excellent business-building advice, they also enjoyed some of the best business networking anywhere. Nothing compares to meeting new contacts in person, and it’s fabulous when the surrounds are so luxurious as well!

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