Would you like 60% of your clients to come through networking?
Check out Sarah Szekir-Papasavva‘s story, an award winning Virtual Assistant at Apt Virtual Assistance in the Muswell Hill and Finchley group, www.aptva.com

‘Networking was fairly new to me before attending an The Athena Network meeting, but I quickly saw the benefits it would bring. I first joined my local Athena group in August 2018 with the objectives of meeting like-minded business women to share the ups and downs of running a small business, learn more about other local businesses and promoting my own, and making supportive connections. These objectives were achieved within my first meeting as a visitor. Joining seemed promising and has been so ever since. Not only am I part of a huge network of amazing and inspiring women, but I get to work with some of them too. Today 60% of my current clients have come from connections made through the relationships I’ve established through participating in Athena network groups. I’ve also learnt how to network in a much more professional capacity and I’ve even pushed myself this year by becoming chair of my local group. It has been a pleasure meeting so many members, working with Sophie Fleming, our Regional Director, and meeting Jacqueline Rogers, the founder of Athena and the MD Patrick Fox. I’m looking forward to many more great opportunities which will undoubtedly continue to appear through this lovely networking platform, the magenta tribe!’


If you think this could benefit you then have a look at the groups to find the one which is best for you