Time is constantly changing and moving so quickly, mental well being has become an integral part of our community, our daily life.  During this pandemic, not being able to see loved ones but only through a screen can be so challenging.  Making simple changes to the way we think about things and the way we look and feel can have an unbelievable effect on our state of mind.   Simple things like wearing bright lipstick, or a colourful top (because let’s face it, right now all we can see is the top half of us!!), will not only bring a smile to your face but others too.  A simple compliment, ‘wow! that top looks lovely on you’, can have so many benefits, your confidence will immediately shine through.

I want to talk to you about body shape and how to dress to enhance all your best features, remember, if you look great you will feel great.  Then adding a selection of fabrics, colours and patterns that compliment you, your shape and style will bring about the confidence that will help you shine.

The five main categories to define your shape are Strawberry, Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Slender. 

Strawberry: Having a fuller bust means that adding more shape and volume below the waist can add proportion.  Flares or wide legged trousers/ jeans are great on Strawberries.  Tops with a fluid shape highlighting the waist are so flattering. 

Apple: Having amazing legs and curvy bust are a great trait of Apples.  To show off those flattering legs, knee or calf length skirts are great.  Tops with a V neckline and hip length are perfect.

Pear: Curvier around the hips means adding more shape above the waist can complement proportion.  Waisted skirts and flared jeans are so flattering.  Pattern tops and layering is great for Pear shapes.

Hourglass: Having a well-defined waist with a proportioned bust and bottom.  Skinny, as well as boot cut, and flare jeans are great to balance the hips.  V necks and square neck tops are so flattering.

Slender: Having gentle curves, but straight up and down, she is most in proportion.  Skinny and Slim fit jeans were made for the slender figure.  Round necks and high necks tops are so flattering. 

Balancing your figure to accentuate your assets will give you the confidence to face the world.  You are beautiful, and you can set your own style.  If you feel amazing inside, it will come through on the outside.  ‘Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal’ Coco Chanel.

About The Author

Asha Shah – Distinct Styling
Personal Stylist & Colourist