Read this story about how to create fulfilling collaborations.

Round the world in 90 days: A collaboration between a travel consultant, an essential oil specialist, and a hypnotherapist –  Together we’ve travelled over 10,000 miles in 90 days with 40 people! 

Our ‘scentsory’ hypno-holidays have taken us through Mediterranean orange groves, skiing across mountainscapes, turtle gazing in St Lucia, and temple visits in Thailand. 

Sharon, Kate, and I met online during the lockdown through business networking events including Athena Pass+. We warmed to one another – perhaps unexpectedly well given that we have only ever met by Zoom – and we quickly found that we had a common interest in keeping people’s travel dreams alive during this time, in a unique and creative way. 

So how did our collaboration actually take shape and what tips can we share for a fulfilling collaboration? 

Communication is key! 

We talked about what each of us wanted to gain from being in collaboration both individually and for each of our businesses. To create fulfilling collaborations, we revisited this each time we met and continue to agree that this is about building relationships and giving people a taste of what we each can offer. 

Listening to feedback. This has been a commitment from the start to seek feedback directly after the experience – if people want to stay on – as well as in quick feedback from the day after. Feedback has been critical in helping us to adjust and improve, to hold on to what is working well, and celebrate what we have done. 

Creating and posting on our FB page has enabled each of us to share our unique perspectives from our business vantage points as well as to showcase the stories and testimonials of our collaborative work. All of us love receiving praise! Putting out positive quotes has been both motivating and credibility-building for those whom we have yet to reach. 

Sharing tasks is both necessary and fair. We each have our strengths and preferences. There have been quite a few things to get right and keep an eye on research, script writing, bookings, emails, zoom tech, and virtual backgrounds! We have learned a lot on this journey about doing things well so that everyone has a lovely experience. 

Having fun! 

We’ve absolutely loved reminiscing about places we’ve visited, sharing our travel memories, and learning about places we’d like to visit. We’ve poured all this into the mix to co-create the hypno holiday script and to choose the appropriate essential oil to go with it, wild orange for the med, a grounding blend for Thailand, and so on. This is our formula to create fulfilling collaborations.

Our passion and energy are what we know have been felt through the experience we have put together and which has brought pleasure to so many. 

So learning and co-creation have been a joyous job in our collaboration. 

We’ve enjoyed crafting a truly memorable, multisensory experience together and this has been a bright beacon of hope through the lockdown. We highly recommend finding ways to collaborate. For us, the collaboration continues as we work together to realise our shared desire to bring a little bit of comfort, calm, and connection, online, and to remember the beauty of our world. 

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