Choose Ease

Some people say that stress is the malaise of this century. Well, I say they are wrong. Stress in a larger or lesser scale has always been around.

Perhaps since internet came to be, we are more aware of stress and the vast number of people who are affected by it, but it is definitely not “a thing” of this century.

And I know what I’m talking about because I was affected by stress. I spent all my formative years, mid school and university under a dictatorship in my home country of Brazil, where stress and fear were abundant.

Due to the circumstances the country was under, my generation learned to be stressed first from our parents, our teachers, our jobs.

By the time I got to university I already excelled at being stressed and became an expert when I started my career in the 80’s when Brazil had plunged into another of its many economic crises with an inflation rate of 35% a month.

It was the norm then for all of us to have two jobs just to make ends meet. Being a country wide recession there was literally nowhere to run, either living in the city or in the quietest towns in the countryside there was a sense of inescapability.

Only when I left that environment and came to London to study that I realised that stress was not inherent but a choice.

So, after many years, some poor choices and a lot of determination, training and courage I chose ease.

I am well aware that the world has become a very small place since the implementation of internet and social media, and perhaps that’s why we know how many people are affected by stress. Also, nowadays there seems to be a need to be constantly busy, constantly productive, constantly on the go and not having time to just be. This lack of just being me time is in my opinion the malaise of this century and that is what causes stress.

Everything we do affects all areas of our life

Everything we do affects all areas of our life; our body, our mind, our health, our career and our relationships. You cannot separate these areas, one is connected to and affected by the other. Compromising one area of your life means you inevitably compromise all the other ones.

Should you choose stress you are choosing a negative chain reaction; your body constantly produces adrenaline and cortisol which lower the immune system and you become prone to all sorts of ailments from colds, headaches, ulcers to insomnia, heart disease and so on.

You become irritable, insecure, you can have anxiety, panic attacks, fear which will then affect your career and relationships.

Or you can choose ease and create a positive chain reaction

Creation is a process; there are no shortcuts, so you have to do the work. It requires commitment, persistence, consistence and courage to see it through.

It may sound overwhelming but it’s not and when you get there the rewards surpass the challenges.

6 tips on how to create a positive chain reaction

  1. Pay attention to your emotions; we all have an internal thermometer that gauges the temperature of the emotions. Find your neutral and if the temperature is above it, take action.
  2. Focus on the positive; on what you want so that your brain will get what you want.
  3. Plan your day and week; in order to avoid getting overwhelmed. Delegate whenever possible and prioritise when the unexpected happens.
  4. Take action; to be on top of things, to adapt or change your plans when necessary.
  5. Have fun; go out, spend time doing what you want, what makes you smile.
  6. Have some “me” time; exercise, relax, go for a walk or just enjoy being quiet.

There is always a choice and the choice is always yours.

Choose Ease.


About the Author:

Regina Brancato-Dunderdale assists patients in London and worldwide with Hypnotherapy for phobias, anxiety, fear of public speaking & limiting beliefs. She is glad to offer a 30-minute FREE Consultation over the phone or on Skype during which you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or bring up any doubts you may have.