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Regional Director of The Athena Network® Borough of Richmond

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Meet Helen Bantock

I joined The Athena Network in 2016 following my first ever visit to a networking event at the Barnes Athena group. I loved the feeling of being welcomed into such a varied group of women who all seemed to understand the running of their businesses so well. I thought I’d give membership a go as I was sure, at the very least, I would learn so much from these women.

I got so much more than I expected, my web design business www.kitewebdesign.co.uk has grown so much on the back of my membership; I have learnt more about running a business, gained first and third party referrals and felt so very supported by my membership group. I have also made some good friends along the way!

In 2021 I took over the running of the Borough of Richmond region with the existing Richmond & St Margarets group and we have since added a new group for Twickenham. It’s exciting watching the region grow and seeing how it has attracted owners or managers of existing businesses and new businesses.

Our focus is to create opportunities for members to learn, grow and connect through the Athena structure and training.



The Richmond region has two groups: Richmond & St Margaret’s and Twickenham

They are popular, dynamic and vibrant groups where you can be assured of excellent business connections, to meet local business women and step out of the isolation so many female entrepreneurs can feel.

All of the members pride themselves on the strategic connections that they have created, collaborating with each other to create new projects and services.

Richmond & St Margarets meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 12 – 2pm (excluding August & December).
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Twickenham meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 12 – 2pm (excluding August & December).
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Call me, Helen Bantock on 07879 478383 to find out how you can visit and then join our group or drop me a quick email helen.bantock@theathenanetwork.com

“I joined the Athena networking group as a visitor for a session and it was a really nice experience. I have never done any networking before, and I was very nervous and apprehensive about what to expect. All the members on the call were approachable, welcoming and made me feel at ease. Thank you for having me!”

“As a proud member of Athena for just over a year, I have experienced a wealth of benefits that have greatly impacted my own professional success. One of the most valuable assets of being a part of such a network is the little black book of contacts that I have acquired.

This resource has allowed me to develop deeper relationships with my own clients, as well as to connect with other professionals in such varying industries. By having access to such a diverse network of individuals, I have been able to strengthen my own business practice and to gain a better understanding of the needs, challenges and opportunities presented to solo-preneurs.”

“Being a member of such an established women’s networking group has provided me with numerous insights and development opportunities that I would not otherwise have had. I have been able to attend coaching workshops and other events that have helped me to expand my own skill set and to stay up to date on emerging trends and best practices.
I’m not facing the challenges of running a business alone, I’m part of a supportive community of cheerleaders! Athena was and remains the goddess of practical reason!”

“Athena has enabled me to connect with so many other wonderful women that I would otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet. Through these women I have learnt, been inspired and supported, met other people and gained work. If you haven’t tried Athena before then you don’t know what you’re missing.”

I am still a fairly new member to Athena and enjoy the support Athena provides through women all wanting to help each other succeed.

“One of my best business decisions has been joining my local Athena group. It seemed a little daunting at first, but I quickly settled in as all the ladies are incredibly supportive. I look forward to our monthly meetings, seeing everyones’ friendly faces and listening to the presentations of the month. It feels more than just networking; its meeting up with some friends, having a giggle, supporting each other….all very important when you run your own little business and are often at home, working by yourself. Wholeheartedly recommend Athena!”

NETWORK - The Athena Network



The Athena Network® attracts members who are discerning, accomplished business women and corporate career women with shared values of contribution and integrity. Our members contribute to a diverse business community that fosters success, collaboration and inspiration among our prominent, influential and aspiring businesswomen.

The core programme within The Athena Network® focuses on providing excellent training and resources to create a robust networking and business development strategy for business growth and career advancement.

Our vision for The Athena Network® is to continue to create a vibrant and dynamic community of female entrepreneurs and executives ready and committed to accelerating their business growth through mutual collaboration.

Our membership is a thriving hub of small businesses and female entrepreneurs; The Athena Network® is here to provide a platform for connecting and an opportunity for women to learn, grow and connect.




You know that continuing to develop your business relationships, nurture your suppliers and create strategic alliances is important so we invite you to become a member of the The Athena Network.

Membership is only £565 per annum*.

We can provide a payment plan that would include an upfront payment of £325 and a monthly instalments of £20.

*NOTE: You are committing to a 12-month membership.

Membership of The Athena Network will give you access to all of our membership benefits including PASS+ which means that you can currently attend 150+ meetings (at no additional cost), Cappuccino Connections (informal networking), an extensive training portfolio and all the connections within our network.



PASS+ gives you FREE access to an Athena meeting, there are no additional fees to be paid and this is another benefit of membership. You are encouraged to visit as many other meetings as you have time for (please ensure that you have sufficient time to follow up from your meetings).

We have launched in Australia, Denmark and Singapore and more  International group launches are planned.  What that means is you will  also have access to those meetings.  You could say that we have meetings 24/7.   If the time zones work for you then your options are UNLIMITED.

ALL of this is included in your annual membership.  Our usual meeting guidelines apply, which means there will be no professional clashes at the meetings, and the Regional Director/Ambassador will manage the dynamics of the mix of industries to ensure that everyone attending has an outstanding experience.