In today’s digital world, we are bombarded by emails.  In fact, Statistica estimates that there will be 4.3 billion email users by 2023 and an estimated 347 billion daily emails sent by 2022.  The high usage of email, combined with an average 40:1 return on investment, indicates that email marketing is still a key tool for any small business owner. It is pretty clear that all email marketing tips we can get are important.

All media has a different role to play and email is a great way to help you engage with and retain your existing clients.  With this in mind we wanted to share our top five email marketing tips, to help you create impactful and successful newsletters.

  1. Setting the Scene:

Before we make a start on implementing our email marketing, we need to consider the wider more strategic business direction:

Define your objectives.  Be clear on what success looks like for your email marketing campaign – are you looking to generate revenue, fill a workshop or simply engage with your audience?

Target Audience.  Take some time to define your ideal client, visualise who they are.  Where do they live?  What are their dreams and aspirations? And what are their challenges?  This will guide your marketing.

Plan, plan, plan  Your business newsletters should be part of your marketing tool kit and work alongside your other activity.

  1. How to build your list:

It is important to continue to grow your email marketing list, don’t forget to seek permission and adhere to GDPR regulations.  Here are some ideas to grow your list:

  • Feature a newsletter sign-up on your website or social media channels.
  • Incentivise your target audience to join your list by offering free content or discount.
  • Run competition as part of your wider content.

It is generally not recommended to buy lists; it is like cold calling and often people have not given their consent.

  1. Personalisation:

All customers wish to feel important and like a brand is speaking just to them, segmentation will help you do this more effectively.  There is nothing worse than receiving an email from a brand for an item you have just purchased, linking your online tools together and plotting out your customer journey will help avoid this.  Examples of email personalisation: Birthday messages. “Sophie you get double points in August to celebrate your birthday.” Or starting an email with “Dear Sophie”

  1. Content and Creative:

Content is king, understanding your audience and how you may help overcome their challenges is really important.  Here are some practical tips to build engaging emails: 

  • Keep it visual, and use strong and striking imagery with bold colours.
  • A/B Split testing, test your creative and subject lines.
  • Have a clear and strong call to action eg: call, visit, etc.
  • Check that the copy is grammatically correct.
  • Ensure your tone of voice is in line with your brand guidelines.
  • Send a test
  • Timing, consider the best day and time to engage with your audience.
  1. Measuring Success:

It is possible to measure email marketing success instantly by using open or click-through rates, if you also have it linked to your website you can also understand the revenue generated. 

Finally enjoy and have fun with your email marketing, is a great way to keep in touch with your audience.

About the Author:

Sophie Comas
Marketing Consultant