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Oxford City West

13 July 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Lindsay McLoughlin

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    The Athena Network is opening at Oxford City West in Oxfordshire.

    If you a woman in business or in a profession, based in OX1 or OX2 or SW Oxfordshire and you are new to Athena, you are warmly invited to the virtual launch of the brand new Oxford City West group.

    You will be able to meet and network with fabulous, supportive and welcoming women in business from the area, as well as some of our members.

    This two-hour networking launch will include informal & formal networking, some networking training including a FREE NETWORKING GIFT for everyone who attends.

    You will also be able to make an informed decision about networking membership with Oxford City West group.

    The first meeting of the online monthly Oxford City West group networking group will be Thursday 10th November 12-2pm. The group will then meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month 12-2pm (except August and December).

    The Athena Network groups are ONLINE, with OFFLINE activity at the discretion of the Regional Director. (The picture below was taken at one of our offline get-togethers.) Members have a FREE PASS+ to “travel without travelling” to any other of our 140+ groups where their profession is open.

    Our members are loving the warmth, intimacy and support our online meetings are delivering.

    Women are connecting, supporting, referring and collaborating in ways they have not been able to before.

    We very much hope you will decide to join as the launch of yet another thriving, warm and supportive Athena group.

    Visitors fee £30

    Note: This event is geared towards women in business who are not currently Athena members.


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    Amy Larcome –
    Cara Brandi – Oxford Hotel
    Hayley Lucas –
    Jane Abbott – Marketing Consultant
    Jessica Poyant
    Lauren Pilcher – Family Solicitor
    Lucy Tulloch – Executive Career Coach
    Rebecca Stein – Investment Manager
    Siobhan Brookes – Mortgage Advisor

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