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Oxford City East

28 March 2024 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Claire Newell

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    Welcome to the Oxford City East Business Networking group, part of The Athena Network Business Networking Groups for Women.

    The Oxford City East group is a dynamic and vibrant group where you can be assured of excellent business connections, meet local business women and step out of the isolation so many female entrepreneurs can feel. This group is particularly ideal for those who live within the Oxfordshire postcodes so you can be build a local Oxfordshire business community as well as a regional and national network. If you do not live within this area, you are still welcome to attend, let’s have a conversation and find the best group for you and your networking requirements.

    The Oxford City East members pride themselves on the strategic connections that they have created, collaborating with each other to create new projects and services.

    This group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month from 12 – 2pm (excluding August & December).


    You know that continuing to develop your business relationships, nurture your suppliers and create strategic alliances is important so we invite you to become a member of the The Athena Network.

    Membership is only £565 per annum*.

    We can provide a payment plan that would include an upfront payment of £325 and a monthly instalment of £20.

    I am also able to offer a 12 month payment plan, please do ask for further details.

    *NOTE: You are committing to a 12-month membership.

    Membership of The Athena Network will give you access to all of our membership benefits including PASS+ which means that you can currently attend 150+ meetings (at no additional cost), Cappuccino Connections (informal networking), an extensive training portfolio and all the connections within our network.



    We would love to meet you and assuming that your profession is not already covered in our group (see the list of members for reference) you would be very welcome to attend our meeting.

    The ideal is that you book in advance so that I can support you by sending all the information in advance and you can prepare for the meeting and have the best possible experience.

    Complete the contact form with your details; name, email, profession and telephone number and I will be in touch.

    Alternatively you can book via Eventbrite by clicking HERE 


    If you would like to speak with me directly, please call or send me an email.

    Claire Newell

    Tel: 07771 881600

    E: claire.newell@theathenanetwork.com

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    Key Speaker

    This months Business Development Speaker…

    🔑 Ready to unlock the secrets to financial success?

    How many of us shy away from completing their tax returns, fearing the complexity or uncertainty surrounding our financial situation?

     Alice Hillier, an Oxford City east Group Member and a Director from the Bicester based accountancy firm, Sadler Talbot, will be delivering the Business Development Training session as part of our meeting this month.

    Alice is a member of the ACCA and CIOT. Her clients are predominantly owner managed businesses ranging from start ups to established companies in a broad spectrum of sectors and she has a wealth of experience to share.

    You will gain access to invaluable insights into proactive tax planning. In business, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your financial figures.

    Embracing early tax return completion, you’re not just meeting a legal requirement – you’re equipping yourself with the crucial data needed to make informed, strategic decisions for your business. By staying on top of your accounts and giving yourself ample time to complete your tax return, you gain a clear understanding of your financial position, cash flow, and potential tax liabilities. This knowledge empowers you to identify areas for improvement, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks effectively.

    Don’t let fear hold you back from financial success! Alice will be sharing some simple ways to help you embrace keeping your accounts up to date, completing your Tax return in plenty of time and overcome any fears or anxieties you may have around this.

    Current members & Professions to connect with…


    Business/Marketing Coach

    Employment Solicitor

    Family Solicitor

    Health & Wellness Products

    Holistic Financial Planner

    Menopause Coach/Trainer

    Virtual Assistant


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