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15 February 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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    The Athena Network Newbury Central Group Meeting Details

    Welcome to the Newbury Central group meeting details page. You will find information regarding meeting dates and times, a list of current members and their professions below.

    A popular, dynamic and vibrant group where you can be assured of excellent business connections, meet local business women and step out of the isolation so many female entrepreneurs can feel.

    The Newbury Central members pride themselves on the strategic connections that they have created, collaborating with each other to create new projects and services.  As with all the West Berkshire Athena groups, this group combines all the enthusiasm, support and energy that Athena is renowned for and you will be given a very warm welcome when you visit this group.

    For further details call Caroline Snowdon on 07867 526604 to find out how you can visit and then join our group.

    This group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 12 – 2pm (excluding August & December). Below you’ll find details of our current members and their professions, including how you can get in touch with them.

    Your investment in The Athena Network

    We invite you to become to member of The Athena Network, as developing your business relationships, nurturing your suppliers and creating strategic alliances are all so important to developing and growing your business.

    Membership of The Athena Network is only £565 annually and you will be committing to a 12-month membership.  Payment plans are available, so please get in touch to find out what options would be offered to you.

    Membership of The Athena Network gives you access to all of our member benefits, including PASS+ – a virtual ‘pass’, which allows you to attend over 150 meetings across the network at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  You can also attend online Cappuccino Connections – a less formal online networking; extensive training and numerous connections and opportunities for collaborations.

    Would you like to attend the Newbury Central group?

    We would love to welcome you to our Newbury Central meeting and assuming your profession isn’t already represented, then we’d be delighted to see you.  The list of current members and their professions is listed below for reference.

    There are a number of ways to contact me to book your place:


    Tel: 07867 526604

    Complete the contact form on this page.

    Event Details
    Key Speaker

    This months Business Development Speaker…

    Speaker: Sara Ibrahim – Personal Sustainable Stylist

    Title: Conscious Styling – Set intentions with your clothes in 3 steps

    This session is aimed to manage the link between the clothes anyone chooses to wear, how they wear them, and how they can affect productivity in the workspace. Clothes and colours have an important role in the communication message as they help to boost self-esteem when at work.

    Even though simply throwing on a fabulous blazer won’t solve underlying issues of low self-esteem, being aware of what to wear either to go to the office or working from home, can be a quick and easy injection of self-confidence and presence.

    Sara is an experienced Sustainable Personal Stylist and a graduate of the London School of Styling. She is also a member of Ethical Influencers Network, and a graduate of the University of Rome – Master’s degree in Art Therapy – How to use creative processes to explore emotions, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and resolve conflicts.

    Sara’s creations are based on the principles of sustainability, comfort and chicness. She strives to redesign her clients wardrobe habits, creating new from old outfits that reflect their personality and lifestyle.
    She also challenge them to rethink old potentially mindless shopping habits into something positive and joyful.

    Her motto is “As a woman and as a Sustainable Personal Stylist, I want to collaborate building a world where our clothes do not restrict us, but rather empower us. Because fashion is confidence!”



    Current members & Professions to connect with…


    Caroline Snowdon – Furniture Upcycler and Transformational Artist

    Ella Doherty – Accountant

    Fiona Jones – Bookkeeper

    Jo Mitchell – Architect

    Laura Fishlock – Osteopath

    Natalie Carter – Estate Agent

    Stephanie Newton – Family Solicitor

    Professions Our Members Would Like To Connect With

    If you are a woman in business in the Newbury Central area and are serious about your business growth, our members would like to meet you.  They are looking for the following professions to connect with but this is not an exhaustive list.  If you are are from a different profession, please do get in touch!

    IT/Web Designer

    Therapists – e.g. hypnotherapist, accupuncturist, nutritionist

    Yoga teacher


    Solicitor – Conveyancing/Employment

    Personal Trainer

    Interior/Garden Designer

    Events/Wedding organiser

    VA/Secretarial services

    Marketing expert

    Graphic Designer

    Professionals to Connect with

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