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14 June 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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AnYes van Rhijn

AnYes van Rhijn

AnYes van Rhijn has twenty-five years of corporate experience in senior positions. Sixteen years ago, she set up her own coaching boutique in France, where she worked as an Executive Coach in Change Management and Leadership Development After eight years, she repositioned herself as a Life and Business Transformation Mentor. Often referred to as the Reinvention Mentor, she is a walking example that it is never too late to reinvent yourself. She is particularly gifted at teaching you how shifting your mindset and implementing the right support system can help you reach your full potential in your professional and personal life. She is a French citizen who has been strongly influenced by her Dutch roots. She considers herself a citizen of the world and moved to London in July 2015. She loves the high energy, the pulse and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is so particular to London. To contact AnYes, You can send an email to her PA at: pa.anyesvanrhijn@theathenanetwork.com

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    Event Description

    The Athena Network Holborn Group Meeting Details

    Welcome to the Holborn group meeting details page. You will find information regarding meeting dates and times, a list of current members and their professions below.

    A popular, dynamic and vibrant group where you can be assured of excellent business connections, meet local business women and step out of the isolation so many female entrepreneurs can feel.

    The Holborn members pride themselves on the strategic connections that they have created, collaborating with each other to create new projects and services.

    For further details call AnYes van Rhijn on 07470 244 415 to find out how you can visit and then join our group.

    This group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 12 – 2pm (excluding August & December). Below you’ll find details of our current members and their professions, including how you can get in touch with them.

    Event Details
    Key Speaker

    This months Business Development Speaker…

    AnYes van Rhijn, Regional Director of Athena Central London will be delivering our Business Development Talk on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

    AnYes will share 5 simple steps you should implement to ensure you stay intentional and focused on your goals without letting overwhelm get the better of you.

    If you want to learn more, you can attend this meeting. To do so, send a mail to pa.anyesvanrhijn@theathenanetwork.com or fill in the contact form above.

    Current members & Professions to connect with…


    Alessia CivettiniDigital Marketing Consultantwww.shedoesit-marketing.com
    Alexandra Willis – Aromatherapist
    AnYes van RhijnLife and Business Transformation Mentor – www.thereinventionmentor.biz
    Beverly OsemwenkhaeStylist and Image Consultantwww.projectbeenyc.com
    Clare Kingsmill DaviesNarcissistic Relationships Expertwww.narcnco.com
    Fidelia Igbodo FCCAAccountant
    Frances ThapenEducational Consultantwwwschool-development.co.uk
    Heather BoardmanSkincare Productswww.n8faceoil.co.uk
    Katie DickenFinancial Advisor
    Rosalyn O’DonnellFamily Lawyerwww.tandsfamilylaw.com
    Sharon EdenPsychic Spiritual Psychotherapistwww.thewildelder.com
    Susan KabaniDigital Audits for Business Ownerswww.ugenie.io


    Professions Our Members Would Like To Connect With

    If you are a woman in business in the Holborn area and are serious about your business growth, our members would like to meet you.  They are looking for the following professions to connect with;

    Property Solicitor
    Virtual Assistant
    Interior Designer
    Graphic Designer
    Writing Coach
    IT Support
    Cyber Security Expert
    Will Writer


    Professionals to Connect with

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