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21 September 2023 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Natalia DaCosta

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    Welcome to the Bournemouth group meeting details page. If you are a business woman in Bournemouth, Winton, Boscombe, Southbourne, Westbourne (and surrounding areas) I know that you will want to find out more before you attend one of our meetings so I’ve provided meeting dates and times as well as a list of current members and their professions.

    Bournemouth is a popular, dynamic and vibrant group where you can be assured of excellent business connections. Meet local business women and step out of the isolation so many female entrepreneurs can feel.

    The Bournemouth members pride themselves on the strategic connections that they have created, collaborating with each other to create new projects and services.

    This group meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 10am – 12pm (excluding August & December). Below you’ll find details of our current members and their professions, including how you can get in touch with them.


    You know that continuing to develop your business relationships, nurture your suppliers and create strategic alliances is important so we invite you to become a member of the The Athena Network.

    Membership is only £565 per annum*.

    We can provide a payment plan if that suits your cashflow. *NOTE: You are committing to a 12-month membership.

    Membership of The Athena Network will give you access to all of our membership benefits including PASS+ which means that you can currently attend 150+ meetings (at no additional cost), Cappuccino Connections (informal networking), an extensive training portfolio and all the connections within our network.


    We would love to meet you. Assuming that your profession is not already covered in our group you would be very welcome to attend our meeting. See the list of members for reference.

    The ideal is that you book in advance so that I can support you by sending all the information in advance and you can prepare for the meeting.

    Complete the contact form with your details; name, email, profession and telephone number and I will be in touch.

    Alternatively, you can call or send me an email. Leave a message (I’m often in meetings) with clear details so that I can return your call)

    Natalia DaCosta:
    T: 07950 215156

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    Key Speaker

    This months Business Development Speaker…

    Are you ready to embark on an eye-opening journey into “The Surprising Secrets Behind Your Relationship to Money”? Join us for an enlightening talk with the incredible Emma Pruen, a renowned Systemic Constellations Coach & Facilitator, as we dive deep into the fascinating world of money and its hidden influences on your life.

    Have you ever wondered why you find it challenging to earn and retain money? Does the idea of attracting paying clients and setting fair prices seem like an uphill battle? Are you stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle with no savings for your future? It’s time to unravel the enigma of your relationship with money and unlock the doors to financial abundance. After all, money isn’t just about survival; it’s intricately tied to love, well-being, and prosperity.

    In this illuminating talk, Emma will guide you through a transformative exploration of your relationship with money, helping you identify and overcome the hidden blocks that have been holding you back from achieving financial well-being.

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