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26 January 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Lindsay McLoughlin

Lindsay McLoughlin has been an Athena member for several years. A natural communicator with a love of social media and networking, she jumped at the opportunity to run networking groups for The Athena Network. She leads and runs groups in SW Oxfordshire. When it comes to networking, Lindsay adheres to the principles of following through, connecting, and working in collaboration with other people. She is also continuously thinking about business growth and who needs to meet who. Lindsay has seen and knows for herself the magic and power of networking and how, by playing the long game, it leads to relationship-building, opportunities and business growth.

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    Event Description

    The Athena Network Abingdon Group Meeting Details

    Welcome to the Abingdon group meeting details page. You will find information regarding meeting dates and times, a list of current members and their professions below.

    Launched midway through the pandemic, this group has really come together. Several of the members booked their seats when the group launch was in the early planning stages.

    The members support, connect and cheer each other on. They love the magic of Athena and are achieving great networking results. A warm and friendly group, they just love meeting new people & welcoming them to their meetings.

    For further details call Lindsay McLoughlin on 07977 989862 to find out how you can visit and then join our group.

    This group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month from 12 – 2pm (excluding August & December). Below you’ll find details of our current members and their professions.

    Event Details

    This months Business Development Speaker…

    We are delighted to have Susanna Reay, Athena Wallingford member speak at our meeting.

    The Power of Visual Frameworks

    Susanna Reay is an award-winning Business Coach, Offer Architect, Speaker & Author who over the last 20 years has mentored entrepreneurs globally to sell their services online. Susanna’s unique Sparkle Frameworks® bring visual focus and clarity out of complex service offers, enabling clients to scale their business with ease.

    In this session, you will discover how visual frameworks can uniquely display your expertise and heighten your credibility as a go-to source in your field. Susanna will share how you can add Sparkle to these frameworks so that they instantly connect with your prospects, making you the only solution they want.

    At the end, attendees will have a powerful method to bring clarity and focus into their business and marketing messages.

    Current members & Professions to connect with…


    Amanda Sheridan – Mortgage & Protection Advisor
    Charlotte Dover – Life Coach
    Claire Beveridge – Editor
    Claire Rowland – Graphic Designer
    Emma Wyatt – LinkedIn Consultant & Trainer
    Harriet Matthews – Brand Photographer
    Jasmin Reddin – Fitness Trainer
    Karen Newman – Family Law Solicitor
    Kim Lanighan – Accountant

    Liz Cooke – Clean Living Ambassador
    Maria Hoeritzauer – Employment Law Solicitor
    Nicola Scannell – Mediator
    Stephanie Richards – Financial Advisor

    Professions Our Members Would Like To Connect With

    If you are a woman in business in the Abingdon area and are serious about your business growth, our members would like to meet you.  They are looking for the following professions to connect with;

    – Accountant
    – Business Coach
    – Financial Advisor
    – Image Consultant
    – Marketing
    – Massage Therapist
    – MLM
    – Social Media
    – Web Developer

    This is a list of professions to invite (amongst others). If you are in a profession or you run a business which is not listed above, you are more than welcome to get in touch to enquire about getting involved. We would love to meet you.

    Professionals to Connect with

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