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How To Attend The Athena Network®

The Leading International Networking, Training & Development Business Club For Female Executives And Entrepreneurs

All of our Athena groups are attended by talented and highly motivated individuals – their passion, energy and determination to fulfil their business goals make our networking formula truly unique.

Women are attracted to Athena because it addresses an often missing ingredient in the networking recipe and they recognise the benefits of networking with Athena:

  • Connecting in our virtual rooms makes your networking and social media activity even more effective.  Meet the faces behind your social media connections.  
  • Inexpensive way to market.  Our networking model is one of the most powerful, effective and cost effective ways to market your business.
  • Wider circle of influence.  Meeting other women will expand your contact list and influence circle which can lead to an increase in business opportunities and referrals.
  • Knowledge and learning.  Network strategy and business development training enables you to maximise your networking activities.
  • Personal and business growth.  The more contacts you make, and the more networking events you attend, the more confident you will feel about your business and yourself.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Executives – from junior to director level, responsible for building a portfolio of quality contacts.
    • Entrepreneurs – from pre-start up to established companies.
    • Business owners – small to medium-sized organisations from all industries.

    What Can I Expect?

    • New clients and suppliers
    • Vibrant, focused and passionate individuals with exciting products, services and ideas.
    • Welcoming and informative environment, allowing you to network in a way that suits you.
    • A forum to listen and share your experiences.
    • Speakers who will openly share their business stories and successes so that you can learn and implement the skills immediately.
    • New business ideas; you will be stimulated by the enthusiasm and skills of members who encourage you to implement new strategies for yourself.
    • Collaboration and women who are as committed to your success as you are.
    • Why Attend?

      • Get new clients and suppliers
      • Join a community of diverse women.
      • Interact with representatives from various industries.
      • Share best practices, tips, trends and news.
      • Seek and offer guidance and inspiration for business success.

      Athena Community

      A diverse network of hugely talented passionate & highly motivated individuals

      How to Join The Athena Network®


      Joining The Athena Network® is excellent value for money. For a small investment, you have the opportunity of growing your business by contacts through business networking, meetings held between 12 – 2 pm, connecting with other members on our closed Facebook members page and regional networking events.


      The cost of joining The Athena Network® is £565 per annum. The annual membership is split into two parts; Part 1 – £325 (which is required as a sign of commitment that we are giving you a professional seat in exclusivity) and Part 2 – a monthly payment to help members to manage cash flow. Many companies choose to pay the total membership in advance. When you choose to join us you can advise whether you prefer to pay all of the annual membership fee in advance or in two parts


      Payment for joining The Athena Network® your networking meetings, workshops and regional events is to be paid by BACS or with a credit card, securely, through PayPal.


      Event Format

      12 – 12:30pm

      Arrival and Open Networking


      Start of Meeting


      Contact Shuffle


      Network Strategy Training


      Monthly Minutes


      Business Development Training


      Lets Talk Business


      Community and Networking News