Being visible is at the very centre of what House of Colour does, and this visibility is more important than ever. Dressing above the keyword is fundamental these days!

Whether we’re attending Zoom networking calls, Skyping our colleagues, or Whatsapping our family and friends, online technology has fast become part of our daily lives.

Our communication zone (cameo area) is all that those people see of us, so we need to make it count.

Here are my Top Tips for making the best impact on the screen.

1 – Impactful Colour

Next time you’re on a Zoom call, look around the grid. Who stands out? The people in grey, black, and navy? Or the people in brighter colours? Neutral colours which may look classy and business-like in person can look flat and forgettable on screen, so add a pop of colour and make yourself stand out from the crowd. It could be a bright top or an interesting scarf or piece of jewellery.

2 – Watch out for patterns

Small geometric patterns that may look fab in person can sometimes ‘strobe’ online. Think how distracting it is when a newsreader’s suit appears to be dancing across the screen…. did you even hear what they were saying? Block colours or larger patterns are often a better option.

3 – Make Up

Love it or hate it, you need more of it on screen. I’m not suggesting that you lose your authentic self, but your laptop camera can often make you look a bit ghostly without it. It’s different for guys, they naturally have more contrast in their faces. Even with your normal daily make-up, the camera can drain away any colour, so add a little more eye makeup than usual, go a little heavier on the blusher, and of course – wear great lipstick… which takes me neatly to my next point…..

4 – Lipstick

Never underestimate the power of lipstick! The right one will make your eyes sparkle and help you look healthy and awake, even if you’re exhausted. They also make you feel good – there’s a reason that Winston Churchill was adamant that lipstick shouldn’t be rationed during the war – he understood the psychological impact that it had.

5 – Be aware of what can be seen

Whether it’s the fact that you have your PJ bottoms on (that’s a whole other subject!), that you have a pile of clutter behind you, that your camera angle means everyone can only see the ceiling, your forehead, and your nostrils, be aware of what others can see. Are these things representing you and your business in the way you’d want them to? If your environment is distracting, then no one is paying attention to what you, or any of your onscreen buddies, are saying. Dressing above the keyword is just the tip of the iceberg.

About The Author

Tracey Marshall – House of Colour Bracknell
Personal Stylist