My daughter and I watched the Greatest Showman again the other day. I always find this film uplifting. 

Now more than ever I think we should embrace the spirit of the Greatest Showman. 

The impossible is possible. The human spirit is stronger than we think.

It’s amazing what we can achieve when our backs are against the wall. History has shown that humanity takes great leaps in times of adversity. Now is no exception.

These words from one of the film’s songs ‘Dreaming with your eyes wide open’ could not ring truer right now:

“When the world becomes a fantasy
And you’re more than you could ever be
‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open
And you know you can’t go back again
To the world that you were living in
‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open
So, come alive!”

We cannot go back to the world we were living in. Not because we are dreaming with our eyes wide open but because we cannot go back to that world as it was. However, we have two choices. To stumble through our days, to quote the song again, or to stand up to coronavirus and dream with our eyes wide open. 

Yes, we are facing a mountain of challenges. But equally the disruption caused by coronavirus has opened up a mountain of opportunity too. 

People said mass working from home wasn’t possible. It is. 

People said there was a limit to what could be delivered online. There isn’t.

Look what Jacqueline and the Regional Directors have achieved with Athena. Not only have they kept the network going throughout the lockdown, but they have also grown it.

So if you are currently stumbling through your days then come alive. Start dreaming with your eyes wide open. The impossible is possible. 

About The Author

Tanya is an Athena member in Reading. She is a marketing strategist who is using her abilities as an out-of-the-box thinker and a natural networker to bring other business owners together to help support and find ways to come through the challenges thrown up by the coronavirus pandemic. Find out more about what she is doing to stand up to Coronavirus

Tanya Gaffon
Marketing Strategist