Being self-employed can be lonely! Day-in and day-out we have to muster up the motivation to put on our big girl knickers and do business.  It’s tough to keep up the momentum.

When I first heard about Athena, I honestly thought “Women-only networking? Do we really need that in this day and age?” I wasn’t convinced, so I came for a visit and was immediately won over!

That was 5 years ago. I signed up on the spot and I’ve never looked back!  

The ladies at Athena genuinely want you to do well with your business. It’s like having a room full of cheerleaders (without the pom-poms) who motivate, inspire and support you in your business endeavours. They want to recommend your services. They want to connect you with people who can help. And it’s all done with a smile and a generous dollop of banter.  

And, whilst I never went to Athena to win business (this is more of a support network for me), about 80% of my monthly billings have come from connections I’ve made via Athena.  It more than covers my membership fee (and then some)!

I’ve been a member for 5 years, and I’ll be a member for many years to come.


Samantha Pilling
Facebook Marketing Specialist