Meet Debbie Atkins

Regional Director

Debbie Atkins of DA Fitness is a holistic outdoor fitness and well-being expert and the soul of Berkshire women’s networking. A natural connector and with her well-rounded expertise, tempered with a genuine willingness to help you succeed, Debbie’s ideas are the missing link in your life and business.

Friends and colleagues have described Debbie as a breath of fresh air, a true inspirational businesswoman and calmly committed leader by example.

For over 8 years Debbie has been helping women in Berkshire to achieve their goals through fitness, health and wellbeing and in addition, over the last four years through networking – Reading Athena Network. Her love of Nordic walking that is one of the enablers that Debbie can help her clients and Athena members make the changes to their lives they desire – she has found that “netwalking” is a great way of making connections in a natural way!

Debbie’s own personal goals have been attempting and fully completing The Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race – 125miles non-stop. Debbie knows and understands the importance of working as a team, keeping fully hydrated and nutritionally supported whilst the body is coping with the stress of over 24 hours of non-stop kayaking!

Debbie has been the Regional Director for Reading Athena since March 2014 and the region has grown from three groups to five groups with membership doubling over that time. Debbie, through The Athena Network and her other health and wellbeing businesses helps women who want to create a better life by helping them take responsibility for their personal and professional lives whilst accomplishing more with ease by creating lots of natural energy. In short, helping her Athena members and clients embrace their changing self.

Life is one big series of changes, be that our family circumstances, our jobs and careers and our bodies. Being able to embrace that change rather than going against it can be the key to a more successful and happy life.

Debbie having embraced lots of changes herself wants to help others to do the same. This is from helping you make the most of your continually changing life and helping you harness your natural energy levels, whatever your current demands to helping you gain confidence and make connections that will allow you to achieve success and happiness in your professional and personal lives, whatever your current circumstances, I can help.

Embrace the changing you!