Here is a powerful question to find out if your comfort zone is scaring away sales: Do you find yourself doubting your ability to grow your business because of a lack of time, knowledge, or motivation?

You’re not alone.

Whilst these things do affect our ability to increase sales, it’s normally the fear of moving out of our comfort zone that stops us from moving forward. In other words, your comfort zone can be responsible for scaring away sales.

Perhaps you feel awkward and anxious. Maybe you make excuses and get affected by other people’s opinions. Or do you procrastinate to avoid feeling uncomfortable?

That’s the comfort zone kicking in!

What’s stopping you?

As much as humans love to learn and want to succeed, we often feel afraid of taking action. Think about the dieticians, physiotherapists, and coaches who try to get their patients and clients to do things that would be good for them!

What is the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is a psychological state where things feel familiar and safe.

Being in your comfort zone means low levels of anxiety and stress. It also means you’re limiting your performance and sales potential. You might feel safe, but you’re not being stretched or growing your business to its full potential.

What is the fear zone?

The fear zone is where we feel anxious and overwhelmed because we’re wary of the unknown. This fear triggers a flight or fight response – we subconsciously try to stay safe by finding excuses to avoid the thing that’s triggering that fear.

But feeling fear is normal. If we accept this and learn to expect a feeling of fear, we can master it. In fact, we – and our businesses – will only grow when we are willing to try something new and feel uncomfortable.

How to move out of your comfort zone

Start by identifying the things in your business that you see as ‘comfortable’ and those that feel out of reach – your areas of development.

First, draw your own comfort zone/growth zone and then plot out the thing you’d like to achieve on it. Now, identify one thing from your list that you want to change. By starting with a single step, you’re more likely to succeed.

Now it’s time to:

1 – Make a list of the best and worst things that could happen if you take action. To be honest, is the worst outcome simply that your business ends up in the same situation as today?

2 – Commit to taking on a task. Making a commitment is a huge step out of your comfort zone – and will give you a mental boost when you’ve done it.

3 – Act and then reward yourself. Giving yourself a reward after carrying out a new task will create a psychological reminder of why you are doing it and encourage you to keep going.

Keep on moving

Making these changes may feel scary. However, as you challenge yourself you will start feeling at ease with the new tasks and will grow your comfort zone, beyond the ‘scaring away sales’ zone.  You’ll start living life to the full and reach your professional and personal potential.

About Louise Pengilley

With over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development, Louise supports coaches, consultants, and small business owners to achieve their goals and overcome their sales-related fears and challenges.

Louise’s supportive, hands-on coaching and consultancy method focuses on delivering immediate measurable results, whilst establishing a foundation for future success. Her maxim of ‘focus, structure, and discipline lies at the heart of her approach and delivers positive results for clients across a variety of industries and business set-ups.