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Networking is a long term business strategy, a process, not an event! It is important to define a networking strategy that is in alignment with your business plan to ensure success.

Mastering the true art of networking or connecting is the key for a truly profitable and rewarding experience for you and your business

So how can you devise a networking strategy that grows your business that feels right for you? How will you know if you are networking in the “right” circles? How can you be sure you are maximising all your efforts? What aren’t you doing that might be hindering your success?

A misunderstanding of networking causes people to network ineffectively, which is why you may hear ‘networking doesn’t work’. Make no bones about it, networking (word of mouth) is a fundamental tool to the success of any business.

But what do you do if the very thought of it strikes terror into your heart and your knees knocking out a popular tune?

Some people are born natural networkers and others need to learn the skill. We are all experts in what we do but we aren’t necessarily experts in networking and developing our businesses in this way.

Networking is quite simply telling people what you do … over and over again. It is the development and maintenance of strategic relationships … conversations.

People join networking organisations like The Athena Network® for all sorts of reasons but one of the main reasons is to generate new business and gain more clients.

Our intention is, that by taking this eCourse, you will look forward to your networking activity as opposed to fearing it and putting it off at the risk of limiting your business growth and the exposure to new opportunities.

Networking is an incredibly powerful way to generate business if you are a business owner, or to help move your career to the next level if you are an employee. The skills you need to be a successful networker apply to both types.

Without doubt, the vast majority of networkers attend events with the objective of generating new business for their companies. Nowadays there are many organisations and forums dedicated to networking and they all operate with subtle differences.

However it’s the minority who have mastered the true art of networking or connecting.

We have been managing networking events at The Athena Network® since 2005 and have seen most delegates at these events fall into the trap of confusing networking with selling.

I’m sure you’ve been at an event and had a business card thrust in your hand by a person who proceeds to bend your ear all about their company, what products or services they offer and why they are the best and why you should buy from them!

Networking should be seen as an opportunity to develop and enhance your contact base. Creating a business relationship that results in mutual win-wins. Making the right connections at these networking events, can help you to successfully grow your business and have fun along the way. You need to have a clear strategy on who you need to meet and be clear about what you want to achieve in order to be successful.

At The Athena Network®, we encourage all of our members to follow these seven steps to achieve success in our networking organisation.

When you register for the eCourse we show you how you can benefit from the success our members experience. It is a small investment of your time that will ensure you achieve your business goals in the next 12 months.

The Founder of The Athena Network®, Jacqueline Rogers, has been managing networking events for over twelve years and has created the training content so that the knowledge and business acumen is presented in a fun and informative way, which you will be able to put into practice immediately.

What You Get …

Module One: Good Planning

Networking is a long term business strategy, a process, not an event!. Work backwards from where you want to end up and make choices that will get you there. It is important that you have defined a business plan so that you are able to align your monthly networking activity to your business plan.

Module Two: Developing SAP’s

Are you willing to implement a marketing strategy that has the potential to grow your business with you working less hours?

This module on Strategic Alliance Partnerships (SAP’s) teaches you how to do that.

Module Three: Choose Your Network

Having defined your business goals, selected SAP’s and recognised the effectiveness of growing your business through networking, you now need to look and see what type of organisations are available and choose one to suit you.

Module Four: Essential Tools for Networking

So that you achieve the best results from networking what tools do you need to prepare in advance? The most effective networkers are prepared and this module teaches you what you would benefit from the most when you are attending a meeting and what you require after a meeting.

Module Five: A Minute To Win It

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Remember that you are not at the event to sell your business, you are there to make connections. This module teaches you how to do that.

Module Six: Creating A Memorable Impression

Once you’ve embarked on your networking strategy you need to consider how to keep your profile raised with the contacts you have made, long after the event.

Module Seven: Relationship Building

This is the most important step if you are to be a successful networker. If your goal is to develop your contacts into regular sources of referral business, you need to build the necessary relationships. Just having someone’s business card doesn’t mean that they will use your services or recommend you. You need to develop and nurture that relationship so you know, trust and understand one another.

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