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Kind people are the best kind of people
Kind People are the Best Kind of People
Joanne Bonnett, National Vice President of Arbonne and a founder[… ]
Avoid These Networking Faux Pas
Avoid These Networking Faux Pas
How To Avoid The Following Networking Faux Pas Networking, it can[… ]
Business Boundaries
Business Boundaries
Feeling overwhelmed? Taken on too much? Having trouble saying no?[… ]
Why Women Are Excellent Networkers
Why Women Are Excellent Networkers
Successful businesses of today are built on a sound foundation[… ]
Interest In Business Start Up On The Rise
Interest In Business Start Up On The Rise
The latest NatWest Entrepreneurship Monitor - which polled 2,044 respondents[… ]
Whether you are a seasoned networker or just starting out,[… ]

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  • I’m already reaping the benefits of being an Athena member and think it’s the best thing a start-up business can[… ]
  • I have been an Athena member for three years now. Membership is about creating a network of woman who know[… ]
  • I recently joined the Farnham East Athena Group with Linda Huckle. What a great decision that was. As a lady[… ]
  • I just want to say Linda Huckle, that I love the Athena groups and it is making such a difference[… ]

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