As a business owner, this time has been difficult. Let us look at how changing our mindset can help us to survive and be prepared for when we get back into our businesses.

There are two types of mindset. One is Fixed and the other is Growth.

A person who has a Fixed mindset is inflexible and believes they cannot change, whereas a person who has a Growth mindset looks for positives in any given situation, tries to find a way around a difficult situation, and, looks outside the box.

When we are faced with a situation that was unexpected and we were not prepared, it can take us by shock and surprise. That is our immediate reaction, but we can not stay there forever.

Following, are a few tips to help you to shift your mindset and help you to move towards taking some action.

  1. Acceptance:

It is especially important and is the first step you should take. This current situation is out of your control, you have a choice to feel upset and negative, which is natural. Maybe think about what you can control and how you can utilise your time so you can balance your emotional, mental, and physical health.

  1. Self-care:

It is such an important time to take care of yourself as this situation may be causing anxiety, stress, and fear of survival. But if you do not take care of yourself now, you will feel even worse in the present as well as in the future. You can spend some time on your hobbies which you did not have time for before. Such as eating food, exercising, meditating, or doing yoga?

  1. Business Plan:

It is the best time to reflect on and evaluate your business plan. Think about what has worked, and not worked and, what can you change. What different strategies you can implement, may be thinking about what other streams of income you can add. How can you make your business bulletproof? Think about what you need to know, learn, or do to take your business to next level.

  1. Time Management:

Now you may have more time on your hands. Are you using it effectively? Are you using it in making your business plans, relaxing, connecting with loved ones, or networking? Are you filling up your day completely and feeling exhausted by the end of the day or does the whole day go by and you have not done anything which you later regret? Finding balance will help.

  1. Invest in yourself:

This might be time to invest in yourself, emotionally, physically, mentally and in your business by learning new skills, reading and, doing courses. Connect with yourself. Reflect on the last 2-3 years and think about what would like to see different in the next 2-3 years. What would need to do differently?

About The Author

Kajal Kumar
Mindset Coach for Self-employed Women