By Yvonne Pritchard – Beeleev Coaching


My client Kate came to me as she was experiencing anxiety and fear when it came to driving which was holding her back in various ways.

 Networking is important for small business owners and, as she had launched her business in the first lockdown, Kate had made the most of networking online with her Athena membership and by using
PASS+. However, as we came out of the restrictions of Covid, more and more networking events began to return to in-person. This caused anxiety for Kate who was scared to drive anywhere that she had not previously driven on her own. She found she was missing out on in-person events, and she
knew this could not carry on.

 There wasn’t a clear trigger for the cause of Kate’s fear about driving. We talked about possible causes, such as any physical experiences like accidents or near misses but there were none. We discussed her confidence which had been knocked by people’s comments about her driving, and further deepened by working remotely and the lack of social interaction that we had all gone through during lockdown.


We delved deeper into Kate’s thoughts to find out what she believed may happen if she were to drive somewhere new. She said that she felt she would lose control and cause an accident and was especially worried about a local road with many lanes and lights which, to be honest, many drivers
found confusing.

 I took Kate through my visualisation technique which only took around 15 minutes. I then set her a challenge to drive that weekend along the route which particularly worried her.

 Whilst she didn’t do the challenge due to other commitments, Kate contacted me to say she had driven a new route she had not driven before and had been fine. Shortly after this, whilst on holiday in Tenerife, Kate messaged me to say she had tried jet skiing! Something she would never have even contemplated before working with me. A mental switch had clearly been flicked and she felt more confident and willing to step outside of her comfort zone!

 I am so pleased to say Kate is no longer holding herself back and regularly attends in person networking meetings. She feels happier and like she has been set free.

‘I went to see Yvonne because I needed help to overcome my fear of driving.
I had been driving for quite a while but recently lost confidence and felt really overwhelmed and quite scared at the thought of driving anywhere that I didn’t know. The fear was irrational. I just thought I’d get lost or end up crashing or causing an accident.’

 So, I saw Yvonne and we did some work. I admit I wasn’t sure something so quick was going to have any effect, but when a chance came up to drive somewhere that normally would absolutely terrify me, I was fine, and I actually looked forward to going. So, it’s clear to me that something Yvonne did worked!’

 ‘Working with Yvonne has opened all kinds of opportunities for me. I drive myself to networking events and I’ve even tried things I wouldn’t normally have dared to try.’

 ‘I would highly recommend working with Yvonne to overcome issues holding you back. She is lovely, but she also challenges your thinking and gives you tools to take away to use if you need to refocus.’